Friday, March 31, 2023
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The Ryan Holiday Interview (2019)

Ryan Holiday is a best selling author and someone who I’m frankly just a massive fan of. We got him on the podcast for the 2nd time and he schooled us about mastery, his new book, the distraction that is social media and much more. Enjoy!



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  1. 1:00 Kendamas are like BMX or skateboarding
    2:00 Honing the skill of mastery, discovering the love for writing
    5:00 The importance of reading
    10:40 People aren’t really reading, taking notes and dissecting the text.
    11:30 Revisiting books later in life. Finding different insights or meanings in them.
    16:00 Focusing on a variety of topics not what the masses want.
    17:00 Don’t write books for money. Good art doesn’t come from trends
    22:25 Personal writing style.
    28:24 Living on a farm. Loving the simple life, away from it all.
    32:10 People’s feedback on previous book
    34:55 Trading sleep for more work.
    35:22 Living a reckless lifestyle
    38:44 Humanizing the rich, Gawker, Outting of Peter Theil.
    41:42 Wealth Inequality
    44:00 Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis
    46:00 Parents planning their children lives
    47:00 Importance of having hobbies
    49:20 Comparing Donald Trump to JFK
    53:25 Media Manipulation in today’s society
    59:58 Dobre Brothers controversy
    1:02:55 What’s next in the works. Future projects?
    1:03:50 Adam is gifted by Ryan Holiday.

  2. Wow. The first five minutes of this (minus the ad in the beginning) you guys hit the nail on the head as far as explaining what I’ve been trying to find words for for the past four or five years when it comes to learning new skills and having new hobbies. Thank you. I will definitely reference this to my friends.

    I just turned 30 and I started painting when I was 27, taught myself keyboard and ukulele at 27, just started getting serious about my rapping recently, and got a skateboard in May and have been progressing every day. All these things apply exactly to what you guys were explaining.

  3. Love the diversity of your interviews. Sometimes I need to hear something like this. Sometimes I need to hear celina Powell thot stories. Keep up the good work Adam


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