Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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The Ronny J Interview

Ronny J, producer best known as the sonic anchor to South Florida’s rambunctious hip hop scene, sat down with Adam22 to touch on how his career exploded and how he ended up in the “middle” of the Eminem vs MGK beef, plus his relationships with Denzel Curry, XXX, Skimask, Pump and more.

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  1. 0:02 – Pioneering a genre of music
    2:11 – Thought making beats was “nerdy”
    3:12 – Discovering the south florida music scene
    4:40 – Meeting Denzel Curry
    6:35 – Creating Distorted sounding rap
    8:36 – Meeting XXXtentacion and Skimask
    9:55 – First time making a song with XXXtentacion
    12:46 – Skimasks first impression on Ronny
    15:10 – Sipping Tea
    16:08 – Life changing with success
    18:20 – Who to work with after becoming successful
    19:02 – Meeting lil pump
    22:21 – Other producers stealing his style
    23:33 – Being an exclusive producer
    26:27 – Wanting to be artist
    28:54 – Making beats in front of Kanye
    34:15 – Making a song with 69
    36:12 – 69 Writing his lyrics on a cereal box
    39:30 – Thoughts on 69 Pierre situation
    40:26 – Recording with Bhad Baby
    41:29 – Wanting to work with Future
    43:46 – Type Beats
    46:05 – MGK vs Eminem
    48:08 Future Goals

  2. Ronny J the goat frfr he played such a huge role in how music sounds today

    and his music fye the OMGRONNY tape every song a banger

  3. First answer: ” i was always there since like day 1, umm, i definitely think that you know i was a part of like, the whole like, explosion of like soundcloud, like you know like the, like its like, its like uhhh, what do you call it? its like prime, you know what im saying? like i was definitely part of like the prime of soundcloud i dont think its anywhere it used to be anymore.”

  4. Ronny during the Denzel 2012-14 era was the best. After that people just wanted the same beats from him. Also the Florida wave before 2015 was the best. Although it blew up big in 2017


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