Fans have all but given up on Saweetie’s debut studio album, but the rapper has been hard at work. Saweetie has been promising Pretty B*tch Music for years, and with each teased release date comes a disappointment. Her debut’s delay has been explained away at each step, but that hasn’t stopped Saweetie from dropping singles. To placate her fans, the rapper delivered The Single Life, an EP she shared in November 2022. One of the project’s tracks, “Bo$$ Chick,” has received viral attention. This has caused some to hear the song for the first time; not everyone is a fan.

Hip Hop’s Icy Girl is used to facing off against critics. Artists regularly find their social media comments overtaken by naysayers, and Saweetie has dismissed the fuss. On TikTok, she uploaded a clip of herself lipsyncing a portion of “Bo$$ Chick” along with a dance, but a user wasn’t impressed. “I’m sorry I don’t like the song [crying loudly emojis].” Much of the time, artists ignore these remarks, but Saweetie had a minute to spare.

Saweetie Claps Back

The TikToker wasn’t the only one with criticism, but Saweetie only addressed her. “Wellllll I don’t expect everyone to have good taste [shrug emoji],” the “My Type” rapper replied. Soon, dozens of her fans jumped in to cosign. Meanwhile, in April 2021, Saweetie hinted that her Pretty B*tch Music album faced delays because she was working on her craft. She revealed she was enduring a boot camp of sorts to sharpen her skills.

“Well for me, I’m gonna focus on what I struggle with — I struggle with breathing control,” she told Apple Music. “I’m gonna work on my dance moves, my details, all that good stuff, my body, my stamina, everything.” Meanwhile, the rapper more recently revealed that her debut would “definitely” arrive before the end of the year. When asked who she hoped to collaborate with one day, she gave a common answer: Rihanna. If the pair ever did link up for a record, Saweetie hopes it would be a dance track that gets fans’ bodies moving. We’ll have to wait to see if that ever materializes, but in the meantime, check out her brief exchange with the TikToker above.