It’s always fun to revisit one of New York’s most odd but also respectable rap feuds between two titans of the city. Beanie Sigel recently said he didn’t mean to diss Jay-Z on his track “I Go Off” featuring 50 Cent, who does have a weird beef with the Reasonable Doubt MC. Moreover, he recently spoke to DJ Vlad during an interview about how that collaboration, which many still see as a diss, came together. From Sigel’s account, he said he wanted to sign with G-Unit due to Roc-A-Fella’s internal and external struggles at the time, regarding both management and ownership. As such, he tapped 50 for a track, and it devolved into diss territory thanks to his contributions.

“That ‘I Go Off’ was just a record that I had,” the Philly native began. “I ain’t have no hook on it. 50 liked it. I sent it to him, he knocked the hook off. It ain’t nothing about Jay-Z like n***as is talking about with that record. Even through the lyrics, ain’t nothing about Jay-Z in there, but 50 started talking crazy. Not crazy, but you know they got that weird relationship. They don’t f**k with each other, but then they f**k with each other.”

50 Cent’s Jay-Z Diss On “I Go Off” Not Reciprocated By Beanie Sigel

Furthermore, Fif’s message at the end of the track, to be fair to believers of the theory, leaves little to the imagination. “Yeah! You changed man! You let the money change you, Jay,” the Queens MC exclaimed on the song. “You used to be, from Marcy n***a! Now you a pass the Grey Poupon-a** n***a! You don’t want the shooters! I’ll take ’em! N***a, you feed the wolves and the wolves feed off you!

Meanwhile, it’s fascinating to see that beef in hindsight considering 50’s own money moves and business ventures. Still, it doesn’t mean that the “In Da Club” rapper won’t throw the occasional shot at his somewhat-rival. For example, he recently sided with Eminem over a debate between Shaquille O’Neal and Jamal Crawford over whether Em has more influence than Jay-Z. Overall, their curious animosity will likely continue, though it’s undeniable that they must respect each other as hip-hop moguls. Regardless, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Beanie Sigel, 50 Cent, and Jay-Z.