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Adele Went to ‘Hell and Back’ While Making ’30,’ But She Thinks the Album Can Save Lives

Adele is gearing up to release her fourth studio album, 30, this coming Friday (Nov. 19) after a six-year hiatus. Ahead of the album’s release, the 33-year-old opened to Zane Lowe about the making of 30, where she revealed that recording the album was an incredibly emotional experience for her. In an exclusive preview of the full interview which will air Wednesday (Nov. 17) here on Apple Music, Adele explained that despite the pain she went through during the process, she believes the songs on 30 could really help her fans out of difficult times.

“It was like it really helped me, this album. It really, really did. And I truly do believe, like when we started the interview where I was like, ‘There’s not an occasion or a scenario or a feeling where there is not the perfect song for it somewhere.’ I really do believe, and I’m not being arrogant or anything like that here, it’s just like, it was my hell, but I really went to hell and back,” Adele said.

She continued, “I realized, I actually didn’t like who I was. And I think I just really got, like most other human beings, especially of my age, really just got into that thing of just going through the motions. Like I’ve got to get over there. And wasn’t opening my eyes, and seeing what was actually happening at the time, and enjoying the world around me and stuff like that. And I really think that some of the songs on this album could really help people, really change people’s lives. And I think a song like ‘Hold On’ could actually save a few lives. I really, really do.”

“Hold On” has yet to be released, but Adele did give fans a preview of the track during her televised CBS special, Adele: One Night Only, which aired on Sunday, Nov. 14. The singer also gave a preview of “Love Is A Game,” and debuted 30‘s second single, “I Drink Wine,” during her performance.

Watch a preview of Adele’s interview for Apple Music below.



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