Friday, January 27, 2023
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Toni D Rivera Tells Her Story Of Surviving Sex Human Trafficking And Her Purpose To Save Lives Now

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  1. Chile bye. You basically was at Freak nik hoeing! You mean to tell me, you had no idea this man giving you all this money that something was up? It seems she’s blaming her growing up in a small town and being molested for her reason as to why she got her azz on that car to get the money. I was molested, I was raised in a small town and I did my dirt BUT I knew better.

  2. Black people have been set up for failure, Step 1: Put people in a position with no accessibility to resources, wealth, or opportunities. Step 2: Deprivation happens, those people now become desperate in need of money, and common means of survival in this phase (molestation, prostitution, crimes, etc.) are bound to happen. Step 3: Now those people become locked into a system, and now their only resource is (Jail, Death, or the inability to recover from their past mistakes due to systematic oppression) the government or the police will NEVER get involved because HER story is one of many ways that white supremacy keeps their advantage in this society for every Black or Hispanic female that gets trafficked is an opportunity for a white female to live her best life.

  3. I support her and her mission. But that Charlemagne story is bull. She met her pimp in 96. But the incident with Charla was in 94🤔 Unless I’m missing something


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