Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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The No Jumper Show Ep. 34: MOOKIN
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  1. 1:15 Adam breaks down where the covid is coming from
    2:41 Housephone is skeptical about the whole thing
    4:51 How did it change the hosts lives?
    6:31 Housephone secret project
    7:02 How long is this going to last??
    8:13 Adam heavily back on his bmx during these times
    9:35 Housephone gets his info from Black Vegan Tube?
    9:57 Housephone has no interest of listening conscious rap
    10:22 Father spitting on a fan while on tour
    12:47 R Kelly in the news again! “Hurt people, hurt people”
    16:03 EDM is wack and Adam doesn’t understand why it’s big
    18:45 The new music genre that’s going to come out of that covid pendemic
    19:43 What the hosts do during the pandemic
    21:29 How to adjust during the crazy times, stores, bank, rent, etc.
    23:15 How does covid affects Youtubers?
    27:15 Snapchat show
    29:12 Adam talks about playing poker
    30:32 Adam talks about being more productive during the quarantine
    32:10 All the gyms are closed and interviews are canceled
    32:28 What happens when people cant afford food?
    34:00 Rich people taking advantage of young people
    34:35 Cam recaps what facilities are closed
    35:04 Is Lena going to see an increase of user on onlyfans?
    35:59 Alexis Sky
    38:33 Chief Keef arrested in Mexico
    42:52 Young Berg hit his girlfriend
    45:56 Trap Lore on Bobby Shmurder and Pop Smoke incriminating lyrics
    51:34 Fashionova is suing 6ix9ine
    53:00 Who is scared of covid and how bad it might get
    56:40 Taking things for granted and not realizing are serious the situation is
    1:01:05 Jay Electronica run down
    1:05:31 Adam brings out the InputMag article
    1:09:57 Housephone talks about ordering food and getting sick
    1:11:36 What is still open?
    1:13:20 Adam make predictions of who will have covid in the rap world
    1:15:35 Pokemon go content not aging well vs covid
    1:17:51 The italian meme with people screaming from their balcony
    1:21:35 Is Gaby still in jail?
    1:22:13 Housephone plays 6 degrees of Covid separation with Drake
    1:26:21 Jay Electronica bars
    1:26:59 Housephone wants to bring back IG live beef
    1:27:35 6ix9ine vs King Von
    1:28:23 Uzi vs Rich the Kid?
    1:29:21 Blueface new album
    1:30:13 Housephone wants to quarantine together and vlog the whole experience
    1:31:03 Yes Julz lies about traveling to Paris
    1:33:00 “Mooking”

  2. I love that a dude that doesn’t even wear Supreme knows more about the shirt then the dude wearing it. Just goes to show people wear Supreme just because it says Supreme

  3. no jumper go in soo hard on this one right here! He aint like all these other channels on youtube who just be goin viral by usin *Authenticviews* *Com* to go viral.. just like the mumble rappers be doin

  4. Housephone dont let them stop you from talking

    “False Narratives” who does Cam girl think she is? Ive heard her speculate on so many topics where shes talking out of her ass.

    Notice as soon you started saying NWO and one world government, they shut you down. Adam isnt completely ignorant to this shit

  5. Yooooooooo they’re saying the first symptoms of COVID are people thinking they have food poisoning / stomach flu !!!!!!!!!


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