Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Pornhub Asks IG Why Kim Kardashian Can Show Her “Exposed Ass” But They Get Banned

We don’t know what you had on your “End of September” bingo card, but Pornhub has entered the chat with a surprising addition. The popular adult entertainment website fired off a scathing letter to the powers that be at Meta and Instagram after their account on the latter platform was permanently banned.

Pornhub has demanded that the social media networks cease allegedly discriminating against adult entertainment and its workers, and they mentioned Kim Kardashian’s repeated nude moments, as well, in an open letter.

“We demand an explanation and guidance as to why our accounts are continuously deleted, and why content we spend money creating in order to engage with our audience is removed, even when we do not breach any of Instagram’s rules,” the letter read.

“Kim Kardashian has posted her fully exposed ass to her 330 million followers without any restrictive action from Instagram,” they added. “We are happy to see that Kim and the artistic team behind the image are free to share their work on the platform, but question why we are denied the same treatment.”

However, a Meta spokesperson stated that Pornhub repeatedly violated its guidelines and policies. According to Variety, on Instagram, Pornhub would create posts and videos that allegedly “encouraged people to become pornography performers.” It is said to be against the rules to make any attempts of recruitment for sexual activities of that nature.

Read through Pornhub’s letter below.




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