Farruko took center stage at the 2022 Premio Lo Nuestro to perform a medley and receive the “Urban Excellence”  award on Thursday night (Feb. 24).

Ahead of receiving his special award, Farru performed his three songs “Ki” in collaboration with Daniel Habif, the EDM-infused “El Incomprendido,” and the Pedro Capo and O’Neill-assisted “Gracias.”

After his powerful performance, four of Farruko’s children got on stage to give his dad the award, to which he reacted with tears. “I thank you for your love for all these years, for feeding my family,” he said during his emotional speech. “I’m not saying goodbye, I’m just making a transition in my life and you’re going to meet the best Farruko.”

He then addressed the current world issues, stating: “I don’t want to talk to you about religion, but about reality. I don’t say it, the news today says it, the war that we are seeing in Russia with Ukraine. Many innocents dying. In Puerto Rico, my brother Ankhal is battling with life and death after being shot. Maybe here we are celebrating my career, but out there there are many people dying. Even if it feels rewarding, even if it feels glorious, I give the glory to God. Don’t forget to love your neighbor, love your enemy, forgive and be forgiven, and have compassion on others.”

Farruko, who recently announced his embracement of Christianity, was an eight-time nominee at the 34th annual Premio Lo Nuestro awards.