Drake surprised his fans with the arrival of Honestly, Nevermind at midnight, and not long before that he debuted the first episode of his Table For One radio show on SiriusXM, during which the 35-year-old teased that he’s got some other projects (not all musical) coming at us in the near future.

“Me and Kenzo have a book coming out this year,” Drizzy told listeners tuning in at 11 PM ET last night. “Yeah, we have a book coming out this year, a poetry book. So I hope you guys tune into that, too, because that’s going to be some shit.”

John Phillips/Getty Images

While he didn’t provide us with an exact release date, the father of one did reveal that he’s got even more music locked and loaded in his arsenal once his fans have fully digested Honestly, Nevermind.

“I got another Scary Hours pack coming, too, in a little bit,” Drake confirmed. “Maybe not, like [laughs]… Maybe not right now; I need you to just take this in right now. But I have a Scary Hours, I’m gonna slap some head tops off with a Scary Hours pack.”

Before the highly anticipated arrival of his seventh studio album, the Canadian rapper offered up a brief prelude, saying, “I’m about to play you an album that means the world to me,” revealing that it took him and his team about six or seven months to craft the 14-track work.

“[This is] something I always wanted to do. I don’t really want to over-explain it, I just want to play it because it’s just a bunch of music that I love.”

Steam Honestly, Nevermind here, and let us know if you’re excited for Drake’s next Scary Hours EP in the comments below.