Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Dr. Sampson Davis On His ER Experience, Coronavirus Myths, The American Health Care System + More

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  1. Why hasn’t there been any coverage of chaos and overcrowded hospitals? Where’s the footage of a Pandemic going on other than fat chics fighting over toilet paper?

  2. Mosquitos don’t build the swamp. But they surely come in abundance once there’s one available. This virus is the mosquito and the swamp is your body that you’ve been putting poison into for years. It’s not contagious. It’s internal. Weird they close beaches when that’s the freshest air you can breath right now but idk I’m just a random on the internet.

  3. With symptoms of various viruses being similar, it seems to me doing x-rays instead of biopsies is a bit irresponsible and could lead to misdiagnosis.

    Is it possible the number of cases being reported is inaccurate because proper testing is not being conducted?🤔

  4. God bless all the frontline. This is a war he didn’t sign up for. Everyone eating off the same plate with the virus on it,and money laying around it. So sad 😥 🙏

  5. Yo this clever dr. Just said it to many cooks in the kitchen. That’s what’s missing in our hospital. Capitalism doesn’t care! That’s why this is spreading. We’re don’t want to spend money for PPE!

  6. Where are all these sick prople??? I went to 3 different hospitals for an emergency. Not only was i turned away. Parking lots were empty nobody would answer my question on why its a ghost town. Most importantly i managed to sneak into a hospital im very familiar with. Not one patient in sight empty hallways. Drs. And staff had no gloves on no face masks on and not a single sneeze or sniffle in my town. Well i got arrested, phone was taken and im still bleeding internally. Obviously taking my phone was pointless. So why cant i get help and WHERE ARE ALL THESE SICK DYING PEOPLE???


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