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15 Empowering Latin Female Collaborations to Kick Off Women’s History Month

Nothing is more beautiful than seeing women in the music industry join forces and root for each other. Many women in the Latin biz have jumped on the collaboration trend to show their unity and deliver a message of empowerment and self-love to ladies around the world.

To kick off Women’s History Month 2022, Billboard has put together a list of empowering collaborations by Latina women.

Check them out below:

Becky G & Karol G

Set up what appears to be a spiteful song, the G’s first-ever collab — produced by Ovy on the Drums — quickly takes a turn, transitioning into a bouncy, uptempo anthem about the empowerment that comes after letting go of a toxic relationship.

Sofia Reyes & Maria Becerra

Reyes and Becerra joined forces on the galactic reggaetón banger “Marte,” off of Reyes’ sophomore album Mal de Amores, which is a friendly reminder that women should never tolerate toxicity.

Natti Natasha, Farina, Cazzu & La Duraca

“I feel that it’s necessary to end the stigma that girls don’t collaborate because they are competitive and they are rivals,” Natti previously told Billboard. “We made this happen and we need to keep the women’s movement at the top.”

Flor de Rap & Denise Rosenthal

Hailing from Santiago, Flor de Rap and Denise Rosenthal’s “Bailalo Mujer” is a danceable pop-urban track about lifting, supporting, and rooting for each other.  “In our philosophy, we’re all equal/ And with respect we build realities/ We don’t believe in monarchies, that’s why we’re all queens here,” sings Rosenthal.

Paopao, La Gabi, Villano Antillano, Aria Vega, Cami Da Baby

Rich Music reeled in five up-and-coming Latina artists for “Hebilla,” a sultry, hip-bumping reggaeton. On the track, we discover the undeniable talent of newcomers Paopao, La Gabi, Villano Antillano, Ari Vega, and Cami Da Baby. The track forms part of an upcoming EP coined Hembrismo.

Lali & Cazzu

“From the lyrics to the aesthetic of the video, ‘Ladron’ sends a clear message that women have masculine and feminine strength within themselves,” Lali previously told Billboard of her pop-urban collab with Cazzu.

Becky G & Natti Natasha

Becky and Natti took the reins and unapologetically sang about sex, weed, and booty calls, sending the message that it’s OK for women to talk about these topics.

Lali & Thalia

“Lindo Pero Bruto,” which in a nutshell means “cute but dumb,” is a song dedicated to those men who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, don’t offer much, or are only good for one thing.

Fanny Lu, Paty Cantu & Melanie Pfirrman

Fusing urban, vallenato, cumbia, and pop rhythms, the bilingual “En Mis Tacones” conveys the message that women are hard-working and independent, among many things. “It’s an invitation to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, especially men in the shoes of women,” Fanny told Billboard.

Amandititita & Sandra Echeverría

BFF’s Amandititita and Sandra Echeverria joined forces on “De Mejores Corazones Me Han Corrido” about “a woman who doesn’t allow herself to be defeated by a failed relationship,” according to Amandititita.

Chiquis, Ely Quintero & Helen Ochoa

About the collab, Chiquis breaks down what it actually means to be such a free spirit. “She’s someone who doesn’t necessarily break the rules but bends them a little bit,” Chiquis told Billboard. “We just like to party and enjoy life.”

Gloria Trevi & Alejandra Guzman  

As part of their first-ever joint Versus Tour, ’90s rock divas Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman dropped “Mas Buena,” a song about a woman whose life only got better after her relationship was over.

Aitana, Ana Guerra, Greeicy & Tini

Because two was not enough, Aitana and Ana Guerra recruited Tini and Greeicy to add more girl power to their collab “Lo Malo.” The song is about a woman who’s not settling for a bad boy.

Pandora & Natalia Jimenez

Spanish pop star Natalia Jimenez teamed up with ‘80s Mexican group Pandora to launch a new version of her hit “Me Muero.” Their collaboration is an elegant fusion of both generations.

Leslie Grace & Farina

Leslie Grace and Farina send a special message to all of those f—boys who think they can play with the feelings of more than one girl at a time.



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