Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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NY Knicks Call Spike Lee Employee Entrance Dispute ‘Laughable’

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  1. It seems like Dolan has a problem with black people seems like it if I was spike lee i would become a Brooklyn Nets fan until Dolan has nothing to do with the Knicks

  2. If you’re a NY Knick fan you are the Donkey of Life! They’ll never win a championship and James Dolan makes the organization worst with his clown antics treating loyal and true members like zeros. Erase them from the NBA!

  3. ey spike u been gettin peoples all agituhtated n sheet u betta keep yo mouf shut!!!!!

  4. Yeah… I’m not feeling bad for celebs but Spike has bought millions of dollars worth of Knicks tickets and everything else for him and friends and aquaintances. Hell he’s even followed the garbage organization for DECADES. That message from the Knicks was amateur at best, clearly the new incompetent breed of PR hacks, but never-the-less a true reflection of the Knicks and Dolan.

    And the Knicks suck. Again. They suck. CTG is on point here…

  5. SPIKE LEE, Dolan played you in public with the the “now you know” comment. With your hood experience you should say to yourself “ok. B you want to play like that” . Stop buying tickets to the Knicks games. Take that money and hire a trustworthy educational coordinator to help provide extra curricular support for at least one elementary school and it’s feeder middle school. Have a wonderful basketball watch party at your house. Encourage your like minded friends to donate their tickets to the cause. When the Knicks organizatio tries to get you all back hold their feet to the fire to make a worthy donation to the cause. You are a man worthy of more respect. Even a minimum wage person would not tolerate this type of disrespect. Then Dolan will get a heap ing douse of “NOW YOU KNOW”. The focus on the kids’ enrichment for at least 10 years will give you great satisfaction. May God Bless.


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