Monday, May 29, 2023
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Carl Crawford Responds To Meg Thee Stallion Lawsuit Claims

Megan Thee Stallion label issues (00:10)
Chance The Rapper to join Season Street live-action film (03:37)

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  1. So it’s their fault she’s dumb or can’t read or just chose to sign without reading how is this even being entertained

  2. Jay Z trying to steal 1501 artist which is meg C’mon meg knows what she signed gtfoh, meg just ungrateful fulfill your contract first, jay is always a snake when it comes to business he think he slick 😂

  3. She an Aquarius🤦..
    Aquarius people are extremely charming and sweet but they tend to see things one-sided..
    They make decisions and put the blame on everybody else instead of taking blame for themselves.
    The fact that you signed a messed up contract in the first place is your fault🤦🤷…
    Ohh yea, but you was 20🙄, thats the excuse you gone run with, bye girl…
    Not saying of course you shouldn’t get your s*** right, but at least take some accountability… instead you want to be the victim I know cuz you’re an Aquarius🤦🤣🤣🤣😁…

  4. Megan owes her label 15 months of show money (40% of 100k+ a show) and 5 albums. Now she wants to get out of her contract. All because of T. Farris The Snake in her ear persuading her to snake out of her contract, a legal contract that was originally devised by Megan, Megan’s mother, T. Farris, and a lawyer of 1501 Entertainment. Her going to social media to discredit the legitimacy and professionalism of 1501 and its owner Carl Crawford was a ploy to gain supporters of her hostile move and to solicit sympathy from those unfamiliar with the business side of the industry. This is why no major public figures are in support of her.


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