Monday, May 29, 2023
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The Alexis Texas Interview

Alexis Texas hasn’t filmed in years but she still making business moves off of her notable career. She also talks about how her first scene happened, what she learned along the way and what happened on the set with Juicy J.



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  1. 0:22 Alexis Texas being mentioned in rap songs
    1:08 Adam reads a bar from Juice Wrld
    1:59 Alexis has never dates within the hip hop community
    2:24 Alexis talks about the single life
    2:55 Should you date on Tik Tok? + 10K cash bar about Alexis + Alexis being on his music video
    4:00 Blue Chew Ad
    5:00 Yachty’s bar about Alexis Texas
    5:42 When did Alexis realized she was blessed to have the body she has
    7:16 The type of men you attract according to the body you have
    7:58 How to get Alexis’ attention
    9:36 Alexis hasn’t filmed in 4 years, yet prices went up
    10:32 New opportunities available to adult actress
    12:17 How the business aspect of the industry has changed the last 4 years, branding is important
    13:02 You’re not a p*rnstar if you have an OnlyFans
    14:46 A lot of girls make 1M a year doing adult content nowadays
    15:12 How did Alexis Texas started in the industry?
    17:55 Alexis first movie offer
    20:15 How internet changed the game + more women at meet n greets
    20:44 Alexis has always been comfortable in her body + Reppin for thick girls
    21:33 How much Alexis can drink?
    22:35 Alexis continues the story of her first scene, outside…in the wild…scared it would end very badly + Adam and Alexis talk about finishing with their partners
    25:36 Alexis still signed a contract and got paid for that first scene, while Adam describes how his first scene went and signing a waiver
    26:57 People doing p*** as a job like athletes vs doing it and actually liking it
    28:42 First scene was an adrenaline rush and excited to be paid for it
    29:08 Didn’t think she would do more than one scene, then filmed with B*** Bros, loved the experience and moved to LA a week later
    30:39 Adam and Alexis remember an actress called Naomi + Adam paying a subscription just to see her
    32:04 When did Alexis decide to move to LA?
    33:15 What happened when Alexis moved to LA while dating the guy you started in the business with? + people having your best interest
    36:15 When did Alexis realized she was a big deal in the scene
    37:08 How Alexis told her family she was an adult performer + Not going on Howard Stern because her Dad
    39:32 When did the fake b**ty started to come in and possibly ruin it for the natural girls
    41:26 Alexis was featured in Juicy J videos “Bands..”
    42:22 Juicy J was nervous to meet Alexis on set + Has any men been disrespectful to her?
    44:18 Some adult performers act like they’re single
    45:42 How to approach Alexis Texas? “Facetime without a heads-up is invasive”
    + Phone call etiquette after you get someone’s number
    49:58 Alexis is telling us what she’s working on right now: Podcast, Exotic Convention etc.
    52:42 Any crazy fan encounter?

  2. Juice wrld talks about his girlfriend in lotsss of his song, easiest being bandit, “she’s a bad Bitch, stole her heart, I’m the definition of a bandit.” I wouldn’t call him a liar jumper


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