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Who Comes First: Your Parent, Significant Other Or Kids?

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  1. I agree 100% with the last guy. You raise your kids, respect and do for your parents and please your wife. Without the wife there would be no kids. Parents have one another and when they die your wife is there to love you through it.

  2. People from bleak fast club don’t understand the differences between PLEASE someone and have responsibilities to someone. I am sure that the man would save the kids fist in a firefight situation but he is taking about PLEASE someone. If your kid likes very much to travel you are not responsible support all his travel with your money. Your responsibilities to you kid involves food, education, healthcare, medicines, transportation etc. Some thing to your mum. But guy you need to do your best to not ignore your wife if she loves to travel. Because in term of marriage more than basics you need to PLEASE. Again you guys don’t understand the difference between PLEASE and IMPORTANCE. I am sure he would choose the kids of he has to choose someone to save from a explosion for exemple.

  3. Kids are first when there kids but when there not it’s your spouse first. You’re kids will eventually have their own family there not gonna put you first. I don’t know how you don’t understand what he’s trying to say. And his experience on that show is gonna be different from gaberialla union. He’s not a black woman. Black women are the most discriminated against. He’s the “white chicks” guy he already won white people over. He’s gonna be treated differently automatically from Gaby not that it’s right. But his experience was different is he suppose to just lie about his experience??? His sexual assault has NOTHING TO DO WITH HER GETTING FIRED. Is she’s gonna victim shame & take back her support because he had a different experience???? He NEVER SAID SHES LYING. She’s annoying

  4. To answer the question from the thumbnail, my help goes to the one last able to make it without me. My mom has alz. My dad had a broken leg and my grown kid got evicted with a new baby. Mom gets priority then dad, then kid.

  5. This was an interesting discussion. I would think that you would want to please all three but if it had to be an order, it would go kids, then mother and spouse would switch depending on the person.

  6. Glad Envy brought up that cliff shit…

    Because I was thinking about putting him in a scenario that makes him choose too. Haha


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