Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Erika Alexander Calls Out ‘Friends’ For Being Based On ‘Living Single’

Grammys hit record low in ratings (00:16)
Oscars with a low number of black nominees (01:11)
Allen Iverson jewelry stolen, man turned himself in (01:51)
David Schwimmer on diversity on ‘Friends’ (02:57)
Erika Alexander responds to David Schwimmer (03:36)

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  1. Well how many black people do they need to make us feel better? They supposed to nominate ALL the black people made a movie that year? What if there just wasn’t oscar worthy performances by black people this year? Step the acting game up i guess. Plenty of asians, mexicans and white people that don’t get nominated that should. What are we really complaining about? Maybe we should be complaining about the lack of creativity amongst us in film this year. Because Tyler Perry last one idk….definatly not oscar worthy production. I mean it was aight. Wasn’t very creative or artistic to me.

  2. So he is getting attacked for not knowing a show? He was trying to promote diversity. I don’t see that as a bad thing. Attacking people that are trying to do the right thing is not how we obtain equality. That is how we divide ourselves even more.

  3. Ms. Alexander is incorrect… Ummmm Living Single was actually loosely based off of Golden Girls or are we just going to ignore that???

  4. To be fair, the 90s had a lot more black sitcoms than what’s out now. Living single, Sparks, family matters, fresh Prince of Bel Air, Sister sister, Monisha, Martin..


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