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Trinidad James Speaks on Blowing Up, If He Fell Off, His Impact, Joe Budden & More

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Trinidad James has been on top of his game since “All Gold Everything” was released 7 years ago! From music, to fashion, to setting trends, to acting, to Complex, there’s nothing Trinidad can’t do. He also drops inside scoops, behind the scenes stories and breaks down why he’s influential.



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  1. ​0:28 Trinidad James, 7 years in the game, 7 years of accomplishments
    0:47 Adam recalls when he heard about Trinidad James for the first time
    1:32 Studying the “All Gold” video
    2:03 Riff Raff comparison
    4:42 It’s easy to forget how transgressive “All Gold” was at the time
    6:05 Inspired and influenced by Andre 3000 “If you want to create a wave, how can you conform?
    6:33 Trinidad James says “The Young Thug interview was cute” + Joe Rogan
    7:41 Eagle Energy Ad
    8:35 Thug makes such impulsive music that it would be hard for him to talk about it regardless
    10:21 How Thug talked about Lil Nas X in such an honest way during the interview with Adam
    11:34 Trinidad James Youtube beginnings + Finding inspiration in The Art & Science of Respect: A Memoir by James Prince + Are year end media lists are wack? Who make them and to what extend do they matter? The metrics of hip hop before it became the popular genre the cross over and the term “viral”
    12:18 Trinidad James breaks down the journey of “All Gold” + The year end lists of certain media and what their intent is and the culture they’re from “I don’t depend on opinions to feed my family”
    14:03 “All Gold” helped hip hop being the #1 genre after its release + Adam breaks down how sales and streams should be counted for
    16:02 Adam says he’s still chasing clout + Respect Rich The Kid grind by going everywhere when he was coming up + The difference between “sliming” and “grinding”
    17:56 Random channel made a fake documentary news about TJ “Either you’re controlling the narrative, or the narrative controls you!”
    19:41 The narrative of the pivotal viral “New York situation” + Paying attention to everything and even to your enemies
    20:55 It’s hard to control a narrative that had already taken a life of it’s own like “booeing Drake” video
    22:07 New York love Trinidad James!
    23:34 Coming out of a controversy when you don’t have the tools “When you blow up that fast people are ready to take you out!”
    24:34 Awkward pause….
    24:56 03Greedo + Trinidad James being late on his talent
    26:10 How Trinidad James listens to new music + YNW Melly high pitch voice
    27:46 Trinidad James introduces: 645AR (new baby voice flow sensation)
    29:08 YNW Melly porn noises + Adam says “I fuck with Trey Shlong and Jason Love”
    30:21 Is Tyler The Creator really gay? TJ says we can’t prove it
    31:39 Fashion in hip hop, Asap Rocky’s style being influential + TJ want to style Adam + explains what it takes to be fashionable
    33:58 Adam doesn’t drink lean anymore
    34:47 Adam used to be a functioning casual user + Trinidad James says he’s been clean but drink occasionally
    36:11 Fashion tips by Trinidad James + Shopping could become an addiction “Fashion is not only about how much it cost”
    38:21 “Are you going to be dedicated to the drip? Or let the drip control you?”
    38:54 Trinidad James still making moves off of “All Gold” 7 years later and he actually worked for it!
    39:08 “You do have one of the top podcast, Adam” + Trinidad James shows the entire drip
    39:44 Trinidad James gets on the table!
    40:38 Trinidad James details how fashion works through perception and how what he wears will be popular next year!
    42:04 Is Aaron Carter a blood?
    43:12 Lena being mad humble and lowkey
    43:52 The craziest thing Trinidad James ever done for drip “Drip means more to me than some family members”
    45:01 Boston / New Hampshire is a gloomy place
    45:59 Shoreline Mafia
    46:28 Drug talk: “People are now doing Cialis?” + “Being black and doing blow, it’s like being in he closet” + Crazy to think how the entertainment made some of their best work while being under the influence
    49:30 What Adam’s listening to right now
    52:44 Trinidad the influencer @ Complexcon “To be famous is a job, you got to work out here!”
    54:00 Trinidad not working with DaBaby early on because of his loyalty for Lil Baby
    55:55 Is Adam going to Kanye’s service?
    56:53 Adam was in London to link up with Dizzee Rascal, H, AJ Tracy, etc
    58:12 TJ on being a podcaster and a host + Working for several networks
    59:57 Adam praises Revolt because he loves Nore, Diddy, Joe Budden + Cosign by Combat Jack
    1:00:52 TJ asks Adam “What made you want to start doing podcast?”
    1:01:38 Griselda Records
    1:03:08 Should you fully understand TJ and the artists you like in general?
    1:04:32 Why TJ doesn’t have a girlfriend
    1:05:18 Who is dating whom @ Complex? + Wayno is awesome + Not filling Joe Budden’s shoes
    1:06:00 TJ’s friend made the Joe Budden’s list?
    1:08:42 TJ has a new project coming out in 2020 “Sometimes you get you flowers now or later, I don’t need the flowers, coz I got the money!”
    1:09:35 Introducing The Brownstone Twins, the biggest Joe Budden fans in the world “Joe Budden is literally my favorite rapper of all time”
    1:11:44 TJ asks The Twins “Why do you think Joe a big deal?”
    1:15:33 Logic and the Rubik’s Cube freestyle
    1:16:23 Did The Twins write the list with Joe Budden on it??
    1:17:01 The Twins recounts how they met TJ
    1:19:46 How Trinidad James finessed Adam
    1:21:21 Signing new bands? + Who are the latest cool bands?
    1:25:27 Passionate conversation about Young Thug and music knowledge
    1:26:04 S/O Reese Laflare + New slang
    1:26:49 The perspective of the aftermath of a hit single and the layers of maintaining a healthy creativity
    1:27:43 No Jumper top 10 podcast in the world “Either you control the narrative or let the narrative control you!”
    1:31:55 Greedo mentions Trinidad James on his new project
    1:34:14 Adam Sandler relationship

  2. Fashion—an album, Fashion—is a song, Fashion is a language —fashion is a gram to an ounce— Fashion is a drug in a song —, Fashion is Clout—


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