Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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BH on Being With Nipsey Hussle Since Day 1, Responds To The Game, Wack100 and Kodak Black

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BH has been close to Nipsey since they were teenagers, today he’s taking the time to share with us how they met, what they went through together, their bond and how BH was inspired by Nip.

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  1. 00:30 BH’s upbringing + coming up and meeting Nip
    1:33 Got shot at 17 and became close with Nip at that time
    2:53 Getting shot in the back of the head and survive
    3:45 Getting back in the streets after getting shot, how did it change you?
    “I was so close to lose my life, I didn’t have a threesome yet, that’s messed up!”
    04:50 Sneaking out the hospital, trying to get home and run into Nip, he helped me!”
    6:24 Nip tells BH to get out the streets “Come to the studio”
    “He spent so much time in the studio I wasn’t used to it at first”
    8:04 What was your perspective on Nip? Were you thinking of being a rapper?
    10:21 Eagle Energy Ad
    11:25 Nip being the first rapper you knew from your hood?
    11:58 What do you think he saw in you?
    12:55 Nip had the patience to see out his long lasting career
    “He had so many offers from label he said no to” + breaks down business meetings
    14:37 Documentary by Complex filming in the hood + Explains how it went down
    + From being broke to being successful is amazing
    18:19 What did you think about Nip being casual about the way he moved?
    19:16 What’s the craziest thing you seen being a part of this?
    “Seeing him going from zero to millions”
    20:51 Leaving your hood vs traveling and see the world
    21:59 Going to New York for the first time with Nip + Meeting Jonny Shipes
    23:03 Nip was never on lean, one sip here and there
    24:02 On Sundays he would just be on his motivational tip and study others
    + the shopping center and being inspired by Rick Ross
    26:03 The business mentality from being around Nip + His empire in the hood knowing that is dangerous
    27:50 being a millionaire and being a target for the envious and curious as well
    28:51 How did you find out the day it happened? “I was in Dallas and got 300 miss-calls in 3 min” + Rushing home
    34:15 Do you think this could’ve been avoided? “Everybody kinda knew “the dude” from around the way but not really knew him”
    35:45 Wack100 phone call leaked “Who is Wack100?”
    37:54 “Nobody is mad at Blueface for not saying anything”
    39:40 “I don’t know BG Knock Out and no E. Holder wasn’t signed to us”
    40:43 The extend of Nip being idolized
    42:02 “Game you cool but you’re a clown too”
    43:48 “Kodak just be talking, I don’t even listen, I don’t care” + Talking to Lauren everyday
    45:47 How long till you weren’t messed up because of the loss? “Man, I’m still messed up! He was my everyday homie, knew each other’s family”
    48:22 How did you manage to put yourself back out there with your music?
    50:40 Relationship with Greedo
    52:24 Fake love or fake tribute, whats the right way to pay homage?

  2. I don’t think No Jumper is outta poccet for putting this out. Everything Hoggy saying is true. Nip needed someone to defend his name. Good shit bro.


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