Sunday, May 28, 2023
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The LeftCheek & RightCheek Interview

Since they appeared on Lifetime’s ‘Little Women: Atlanta’, Emily and Bri aka Leftcheek & Rightcheek have been dedicated to their music. They stopped by the No Jumper podcast to talk about the real issues that little persons go through and how their rising success has shaped them to be even stronger women.



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  1. 3:10 Growing up wanting entertainment careers, meeting as teenagers, Lil Chucky named them
    4:35 Being accepted in the industry + Being bullied at a young age, forcing them to have tough skin and confidence
    6:24 Mack Maine has a little person fetish
    7:16 Is the word midget offensive?
    8:15 Getting their foot in the industry
    8:56 Women not getting taken seriously + Not having sex for for clout + Weird DMs, people story watching on IG
    11:15 Doing reality TV, educating the mainstream on little people
    14:11 Originally meeting at a little person convention at 17 years old
    15:10 Embracing Texas artists, meeting Trae the Truth + dancing for Kevin Gates at SXSW
    16:38 Gaining followers and haters from the tv show, people experience music differently depending if they know about their height.
    17:35 Peter Dinklage
    21:00 LeftCheek and RightCheek preview new music
    23:45 How they got into the rap game + being serious about their craft
    25:06 Lil Bibby situation
    28:05 Avoiding porn or escorting, little people fetishes
    29:30 Little women can have unique sex. Not attracted to white guys
    34:35 Solely making a living from music / entertainment
    35:00 RightCheeck’s limp correction surgery
    35:34 Growing up as a little person. Raising families with little and average sized children
    39:00 Hope to perform at a big show, wanting to prove themselves in music
    40:42 Lena the Plug FaceTime call in
    42:40 LeftCheek and RightCheeck press Adam 22 about calling them “little h*es”
    43:18 How people react when they see them in real life
    44:15 Most annoying antics by average sized people
    48:30 Complication with plastic surgery as a little person
    50:02 Done with reality TV + wanting their own show, 2020 is the Cheeks year
    52:09 Repping “Midget Mafia”
    56:29 RightCheek was adopted by rich little people
    58:25 Lil Pump FaceTime call in

  2. The only reason they get noticed is cuz they a side show freak fest. If it was on skills alone they wouldn’t be anything anyone would. FUCK with


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