Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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The YNW BSlime Interview

YNW BSlime graced us with an awesome interview and his hilarious opinions on music, how he started the wave of young rappers, video games, school and what it’s like to be YNW Melly’s brother and staying positive during tough times.

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  1. 0:48 Clowning people with shitty iPhones
    1:48 Introducing B Slime
    3:15 Being YNW Melly’s brother
    4:39 Being a popular kid at school?
    5:10 Being pushed by Melly to do music
    6:48 Fortnite and being owner of “Krxze on top”
    8:32 Not a Yachty fan
    8:51 Fortnite goals “I’m the most GOATED Fortnite player out here!”
    10:05 Ninja vs Tfue
    10:28 Twitch “Who threws cats!”
    11:02 Gucci Mane face tatt
    12:33 “Who is calling me out of my earpods!?”
    12:56 Meeting Adam @ Rolling Loud Miami
    13:26 Adam: “I helped start your career” + signing with a label
    13:54 Adam almost signing Melly + a classmate want to sign B Slime
    15:17 “My first songs had too much autotune”
    16:15 Comparison with Melly
    17:44 Making fun of Youtubers
    18:35 Who do you watch on Youtube?
    19:31 Prank vlogs being fake
    20:53 Taking music seriously “It wasn’t really my decision”
    23:06 Gucci belt + show the drip + borrowing Melly’s jewls
    25:02 Durkioooos!
    26:38 Trying the Durkioooos!
    27:34 Origin of the name B Slime
    28:12 Missing Melly + staying positive
    29:14 “I started the trend of young rappers”
    29:49 “Matt Ox is my competition” + hate the song ‘Overwhelming’
    31:15 “Old ladies in my DMs”
    31:29 Relationship with Mom: “Mommaaa! Mommmyyyy!!”
    32:56 Album coming soon with unreleased Melly track
    35:12 Cereal diet “Durkioooos”
    36:29 Heavy into sports
    37:13 Online gamers missing on life?
    37:40 Clowning Ninja “He’s doing the most”


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