Monday, May 29, 2023
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The 24KGoldn Interview

The 19-year-old rapper has already an accomplished songwriter and hitmaker resume! After Valentino and I Go To USC, 24K went on tour with Landon Cube and has so much more in the works!



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  1. 00:24 24KGoldn being a child of No Jumper “I was in the first ever live stream”
    1:42 Where are you from? + Being a sneaker head
    4:24 Did you have a vision or just wanted the money? “I love the grind” + the art of interviewing
    5:10 The best rappers know how to use media platform in a real way
    5:36 Vlad starts career + content and interviews in general
    6:08 “I want to be like Will Smith” + Being the face of skin care + Yachty branding
    7:32 How did “Valentino” come about + Being the best song he made at that time
    9:39 Biggest moment of “Valentino” + Aviva Sofia making it popular on tiktok + “Valentino” played on “Ballers” with The Rock
    10:35 Shazam analytics
    11:20 Adam ever made music? “I was in a hardcore band for a week”
    12:16 Finessing college + Going to school and being a rapper + Going to Japan for free
    14:39 Being on the road with Landon Cube
    15:38 Stop smoking backwoods because of voice changed + Can’t perform “Valentino” like he used to after puberty
    16:05 The aftermath of “Valentino” + Making the same type of songs or going a different route?
    16:53 How did the Fetty Wap colloab come about? “Collabs are not cheap!”
    17:50 Music video with Landon Cube at the spa + Taking care of yourself while you grind + Taking the time to go on vacation + prioritize what you give up your brain space to
    19:37 Are you still in school? “I took a leave of absence for now”
    20:00 Juicy J in a dorm room? + Chris Brown caught slippin
    21:09 When’s the last time you had sex in a garage? “I need an assistant to manage my love life”
    21:49 Type of girls in college + Sugar babies
    22:54 Girls should never been broke they have options to make money + Foot fetish
    24:21 How did the song “Bitch I go to USC” come about?
    26:29 Growing up San Francisco “There’s more kids than dogs in SF!”
    27:55 “You can be big and poppin in the bay, without ever having to do anything else!”
    28:41 Hobbies, modeling as a kid etc + Music influences from his parents
    30:56 24KGoldn wants Kenny G and Kenny Beats to work together
    31:35 New project is out now + Becoming the face of male hygiene
    34:18 Crashed tour bus on the road 3 days in

  2. I sit thru interviews with midgets, youtube nobodys, and porn stars that shit on peoples chests,…..just so i can come across a good one like this. Smart 19 year old. wish him the best.

  3. He’s so nice in person. Met him outside of his concert, took a pic then got in the mosh pit with him inside the venue 😂 sweetest kid ever! 💖


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