Friday, January 27, 2023
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Smokepurpp On XXXtentacion, Going to Rehab, New Album & More

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Smokepurpp is taking Flatpurpp everywhere he goes these days! Why you ask? Purpp gives you all details in this interview! He also talks about his long time friendship with Adam, writing for Kanye, Pump, XXX, Peep, and more!



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  1. 0:25 Adam remembers first time meeting Purpp
    0:49 What is the FlatPurpp contest?
    1:22 What is going on right now is Purpp’s life?
    2:15 Purpp got a Kanye feature?
    2:48 Purpp writing for Kanye??
    4:01 What is the status of ‘esskeetit’
    4:36 Making Audi 2 with Ronny J
    6:46 Does Purpp have a girlfriend?
    10:24 Eagle Energy Ad
    11:44 How did Purpp ended up on the Dreamville album? + Nominated for a Grammy?
    12:40 J Cole and Pump relationship + “F JCole” was actually started by fans and random memes and comments
    14:05 Soundcloud rappers not poppin anymore? + Soundcloud rapper “movement” started in Florida
    15:11 Purpp signed a deal in High School
    15:49 Doing his first music video with Cole Bennett + The power of Lyrical Lemonde and No Jumper
    17:02 Did Purpp sign a deal too early?
    20:08 Purpp’s voice is way better + New album with Mike Dean + Upcoming Europe tour
    21:37 New artists under Purpp? His brother Sunny and Yapa (who recently broke his leg)
    22:34 How Purpp feel about Kodak Black going away + Purpp says kids get caught up because they’re from the ghetto which is why Kodak is reckless
    23:55 Has Purpp ever gotten roasted by Pompano Randy?
    24:53 “6ix9ine is not my boy!”
    26:04 Purpp meeting and relationship with XXX + Working with Yapa early and created a buzz quickly
    29:38 The aftermath of XXX’s passing and how it changed the entire Florida scene
    30:31 Relationship with Lil Peep “He was my brother! We have the same tattoo”
    31:48 Did the loss make him cut down on using? “We’re young, we’re artists, we have anxiety, we gotta take ‘zans’ ”
    34:54 Purpp confides for the first time that he went to rehab last year and escaped
    36:26 Was clean for a while after rehab
    38:38 What’s the most famous thing Purpp has done so far? “Ghostwriting for big artists”
    39:46 Where is Purpp’s music is going + Started as a producer
    41:00 Woods or fronto?

  2. People were yelling fuck jcole because he dissed all mumble rappers on the song ‘everybody dies’ and pump and purp got put in that category then do their fans would yell fuck jcole

  3. Smokepurp pussy boy. Fknn Russ whooped your ass nigga…And u still act tough loll..fkn weird lame druggy…and Adam22 wtf are you wearing ?

  4. He don’t have a girlfriend cause he tryin to get the booty …guy booty tho FRFR I seen dude I said I wasn’t gonna tell no one butt fuck it ….wut ever


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