It’s a rare sighting to see Snoop Dogg without a blunt in his hand, even in places where cannabis is prohibited. The Death Row owner smoked inside the White House during Barack Obama’s time as president. 50 Cent previously suggested that he tried to stop Snoop from smoking weed on the set of BMF. Snoop Dogg will go to extreme lengths to get stoned no matter where he’s at in the world.

Ben Baller recently appeared on No Jumper where he discussed his friendship with Snoop Dogg. The conversation eventually led to the infamous tale of the rapper’s visit to South Korea. Baller explained that he told Snoop he would set him up with whatever he needed during his stay. However, there wasn’t enough weed in South Korea for the rapper. This led Snoop Dogg to get creative in his attempt to score more weed in Asia. 

Snoop Dogg Feature For Weed

Ben explained that he already discussed the type of hotels and the best places to smoke weed. By the time Snoop Dogg got to his hotel, Ben kept to his word and had weed waiting for him, though it wasn’t enough. “I pretty much got all the weed possible in the entire country of Korea to his hotel,” Baller explained, revealing that it was less than two ounces. Even though the quality was to Snoop’s liking, he got through the bag quickly and needed another supply.

“So Snoop goes on his social media, and he goes, ‘I don’t give a fuck who you are. Anybody in Korea right now, bring me whatever weed you have.’ And his manager got mad about the shit because what he offered was absolutely insane,” Baller said of Snoop Dogg. “Snoop goes ‘I’m doing features right now for weed, and I’m signing off on the clearance.’” Even Ben said that it was an offer that was difficult to pass on for any Asian artist. “If I was a rapper in, like, Indonesia or somewhere else, I would’ve flown to Korea [and] took the chance because, bro, the hardest part is the clearance right?” Check out the clip above.