Jake Paul is easily one of the most interesting figures in the sports world right now. In that same breath, he is one of the most hated. Overall, this is because of his reputation as a YouTube star. Moreover, he is someone who likes to do a lot of trash-talking. Not everyone is a fan of that strategy, which leads to a ton of enemies both in the ring and in the media. For the most part, Paul has been able to back up his talk. His only real blemish on that front was his most recent loss to the likes of Tommy Fury.

Although, it seems like Paul could very well be winning outside of the ring. According to sources who spoke to TMZ, Jake Paul appears to have a new girl in his life. In fact, his alleged new girlfriend is an Olympic silver medalist for the Netherlands. The woman in question is Jutta Leerdam who is a speed skater. Although neither has confirmed a relationship, the two were spotted at dinner on Tuesday. Furthermore, there was plenty of PDA going on, which pretty well hints at the fact that the two are together.

Jake Paul x Jutta Leerdam

Interestingly enough, the two have known each other for quite some time at this point. As TMZ reports, they began following each other on Instagram. Subsequently, they entered the talking phase and are now spending their evenings together. Furthermore, it has been hinted that she will be a guest on Jake Paul’s podcast. This should all be very interesting, and perhaps they will open up about their relationship during the show.

Following his defeat at the hands of Fury, Paul has a lot to think about in terms of his boxing career. He could rematch Fury, or he could just go and start fighting against YouTubers again. It would be a ton of fun to watch him go up against KSI. However, no one truly knows if he is past that stage yet. Give us your thoughts on what Paul should do, in the comments down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from the sports world.