Monday, May 29, 2023
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Robert Downey Jr. Doesn’t Regret Doing Blackface

Robert Downey Jr. / Joe Rogan Podcast / Tropic Thunder (00:54)
April Jones on regrets (03:03)
Diddy posts about losing Kim Porter (04:53)
Clive Davis doing Whitney Houston movie (05:57)

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  1. I don’t know if I call what He did as Black face. He did a good job and the point of the role was to show how ridiculous it is to begin with.
    Plus deep down RDJ wants to be melanated.

  2. He was is a actor who played an actor doing the black face so it ain’t his fault, it’s the writer’s &producer’s fault so please get off iron man dick 💯😴

  3. Though it was black face…it was soooooo wrong—————-But sooooo funny I too felt like CTG I thought it was just a bad tan job didn’t know it eas intentionally black face!!!

  4. Most blk ppl understood what Robert Downey Jr’s character was supposed to be. It showed how stupid he looked as a white actor playing a blk character. That’s why blk folks didn’t sweat Tropic Thunder. Why it’s coming up now is because white ppl on the internet are surprised that we didn’t go after Robert Downey so they’re bringing it back up like “look at this, isn’t this wrong too”. It’s like they’re trying to earn cool points or something. They’re trying to make up this outrage that we never had as a whole. Now of course there is a minority of blk ppl that got mad at the movie but that’s natural with anything that’s public, it was blk ppl that were mad at the Black Panther movie. But as a ppl we’re not as sensitive as the media tries to say we are.


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