Saturday, January 28, 2023
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OG Maco explains Flesh Eating Bacteria, QC Blackballing Him and More

OG Maco shares about his skin condition, how it started and how it gotten a little better. He also weighs in on scam rap, and how he used to scheme with the Migos and the status of his relationship with QC. Plus, gives his take on Juice Wrld passing.



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  1. 0:28 – Explaining the flesh eating bacteria situation
    2:36 – Doctors trying to put OG Maco on Fentanyl
    4:42 – At what point did it start to get better
    5:13 – Still dealing with a lot of pain and still going through a healing process
    6:16 – Thinking he wasn’t going to make it out alive
    6:58 – Dealing with this compared to the car accident situation
    8:40 – Girlfriend leaving during the healing process
    10:08 – Dealing with real life problems
    11:10 – Receiving a lot of love and support from LA
    11:54 – How it feels to see people making jokes about the situation
    14:48 – OG Maco not being a Simpsons person
    15:36 – Tulum Mexico being played out
    16:10 – OG Maco and Adam22 having a long history
    16:48 – Fashion industry stealing ideas and people getting into it for the wrong reasons
    19:05 – Dressing differently to distinguish yourselves
    19:56 – Original reason for wearing designer
    20:42 – OG Maco not being supportive of rappers releasing scamming methods through songs
    22:30 – Scamming with The Migos back in the day
    23:47 – Dealing with court cases when being signed to QC
    23:43 – What is the relationship with QC
    26:58 – Did other artists who were signed to QC interfere with OG Macos career?
    27:44 – “We’re doing business not feelings”
    29:31 – Becoming a resentful person after his problems with QC
    31:56 – OG Maco’s message to QC
    34:46 – QC saying OG Maco didn’t hold it down when times where bad
    37:00 – Does OG Maco ever wonder if what is happening is Karma
    38:28 – Trinidad James feeling left out of conversations about influential artists
    40:17 – OG Maco almost being “Me Too’d” for quoting a twitter account
    45:38 – Living in a world of idiots
    49:25 – Relating to Xxxtentacion and having a conversation with him
    55:14 – Dex compromising his own career
    55:55 – Some rappers popping in and out of the industry
    58:00 – Being in the studio with young artists like Lil Pump
    59:21 – What is OG Maco’s relationship with drugs now?
    1:00:11 – Only doing certain drugs when he’s recording music and only drinking lean when he’s sick.
    1:03:15 – Could OG Maco use his image to push a brand
    1:04:38 – Capable of being an employee and a good team member
    1:06:43 – Showing up to a QC meeting off acid
    1:08:11 – Being vilified for talking against drugs
    1:09:53 – OG Maco’s opinions on the circumstances of Juice WRLD’s death
    1:16:38 – Where is OG Maco with his music at this point?
    1:20:16 – Exited to get off the his pain meds
    1:22:09 – Growing into the name of “OG”

  2. OGGGG MY GUY ! Glad to my mans outside (DOING MEDIA) again he had some of the most controversial and interesting interviews back before all the belief evolving situations occured. stay up OG REAL ONES KNOW WHAT IT IS WITH OG MACO


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