Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Yaya Mayweather’s Lawyer Says New Evidence Should Help In Assault Case

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  1. When do people walk up and just shake someone’s hand? I don’t know About y’all but out here in CA people do not talk or speak to each other when walking around, let alone touching each other. Y’all sound washed with this non sense. Fluff.

  2. If Yaya stabbed a White Woman, she is doing time whether her Daddy is rich. Now if she stabbed a Woman of Color, well, she’ll get off with very little time, if any. Black is just not that important when it comes to JUSTICE!!.

  3. Even after Dr. Claude blesses Charlamagne with his presence, Charlamagne still proves to sellout! “It takes a village to raise a kid,” Charla, so you should care about the destruction of these little African children! Isn’t that what Dr. Claude taught you while he was on your show??? But like you said years ago, YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL OUT! Smh

  4. Annoying!! My daughter has put on her dad shoes, and my son has put on my shoes and they have also switched. We’re too quick to label our kids thinking we are preventing something, when we could be really pushing them closer to that direction. I honestly feel like it’s either people who don’t have kids or people who are projecting their on dark issues. My kids like to balance in my shoes, their not seeing gender right now, their having fun! Smh… But I guess that’s what comes with social media and being a famous human 🤷


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