Xavier Omär has long proven his ability to make incredible R&B. Since 2017, Omär has dropped gem after gem, including “Sweet Holy Honey” with Sango, and “Wifeable,” a collab with Masego. In 2020, he released if You Feel, a project featuring Masego, Quinn Barlow, Mereba, and Jae Stephens, which received lots of critical acclaim.

Now, Omär is leading up to a new EP called b l u r r, which will be released July 22. He’s already dropped “Feelings 4 You” off the upcoming project, and now he’s back with “Tarantino,” a slow-burn of a song about shooting your shot. According to Omär, the track is very personal. “This song is about my Dad trying to get at my Mom in college when she was already engaged,” the singer/songwriter said. “I wanted to step in my Dad’s shoes to tell the story in a modern way because I could never imagine that kind of confidence for myself.” Omär’s vocals are a perfect match for the production, which was done by Sango and Stwo. His rich harmonies cut through the moody synths like butter.

Check out the song below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Seein’ how you watch me
Yeah, he cool but he not me
It ain’t cocky, hockey, how I’m skatin’ with the ice
Don’t wanna hurt his feelings ’cause he nice