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X-Raided on 26 Year Prison Sentence, Becoming a Legend from Behind Bars

Inspiration, motivation and positivity. X-Raided is a changed man! After doing 26 years, where he used each day as a teachable moment to elevate, educate himself and develop his mind through hip hop and the positive influence of people like Sanyika Shakur and Wendy Day (who discovered Eminem), Raided is still relevant and performing shows. From shaking things up inside the system to taking psychology classes, Raided breaks down all the situations he’s been through with a clear, calm and collected mind. Powerful. A must watch! 



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  1. 0:33 How long have you been out? “It’s surreal! The smallest things matter now”
    2:43 Adam recalls when he discovered X-Raided + X-Raided details the routine of the trial and how it transpired in his lyrics
    4:48 The evolution of X-Raided and his mindset while being in jail
    6:03 Thinking from his 17 year old perspective and how it could’ve been different
    “When my Grandmother passed, I tried to play Football but then I lost my scholarship, I was angry and turned to the streets”
    8:32 Being devastated about not doing football and feeling resentment
    9:11 Was there any street rep involved? “I was a Baby Vampire, I felt powerful”
    10:39 Adam asks if he felt victimized by the system or if it was a regular situation to be in?
    “It’s deeper than that, you have to analyze America as a whole but the child that I was, was trapped with limited decisions”
    12:22 Raided breaks down gentrification and how Black people are targeted and who is responsible
    14:34 First time getting locked up while making music “At first I was making music to cater to my homies and our environment until I started going to trial, I wrote better lyrics”
    16:07 “In jail they placed my with men who had already reached a level of changing their mind for the better, so I was inspired and educated by them” + the rules of the streets go out the window once you’re locked up
    19:23 Raided describes a more “conscious” jail experience + Sanyika Shakur (“Monster” Kody) told him “You have a responsibility to rap about something worthy of being heard”
    21:32 Wendy Day was also instrumental in his transformation as an artist and found smart ways to educate him
    22:59 The true value of education + How much does education changes someone’s perspective while in jail
    24:13 Implement completion of degrees in jail + Ted Talks @ Ironwood Pen
    29:06 Elevating your mind in jail, while being celebrated for your music that wasn’t on the same level yet “Hip Hop is the main factor of my growth”
    31:44 Recording from jail is very difficult + Getting surrounded by the right people after he started writing conscious lyrics
    34:40 The process of recording in jail
    35:35 Mac Dre story: Being in a court tank and crossing path with Mac Dre + Raided “always being ready to go” – “It’s Crip! An inappropriate psychological disposition”
    38:59 Mac Dre giving Raided the game about recording in jail
    40:25 Being in jail while Pac passed away “The CO told us he got shot and cried outside of our cell”
    42:55 How did you end up in the same cell as C-Bo
    44:24 9/11 attacks while being in jail “When it happened, the jail went so quiet it woke me up” + The power of communication instead of getting angry
    49:41 X-Raided thinking about coming out when he first got it “I was facing life. There’s a significant portion of my psychology that believes it’s more acceptable to return to prison than to die”
    52:14 How to conduct business and how to move after doing time
    53:19 How Raided stayed in touch with what’s going on in the culture “When you have a couple bucks in jail, you’d be amazed of what you can purchase”
    55:14 Starting a podcast program while in jail + Getting cosigned by the doctors inside the jail as one of the smartest
    58:59 + “I changed my life for the sake of my family and my own personal comfort”
    1:02:10 The conditions in prison “Honestly in CA when Jerry Brown got elected, things changed quick for the better”
    1:03:55 Raided and his team made sure he was taken care of when he was released
    1:08:25 “When they released me they put me in chains and in a cage. I still feel the chains, man…” + There’s no rapper who had a life sentence who was a star in jail
    1:11:36 Relapse is a real thing, it’s easy to go down the wrong path it’s like PTSD but I stay centered with prayers, meditations and positive outlooks
    1:14:49 What gives you the most joy now that you’re out “My family and being in the booth”
    1:16:12 Connecting with new generations of rappers + Being legendary in his own right “People risked their lives to talk to me” + The white supremacy parallel and slavery
    1:20:56 There’s a difference between rich white people and poor white people
    1:21:50 New music in the works, project called “Psycho Analysis” + Documentary + S/O Nipsey for empowering people to do things themselves
    1:25:10 Getting home and still be able to be relevant
    1:27:00 “Hip Hop don’t embrace or celebrate their legends or anyone for that matter, but watch the dude who did the make up on Wizard of OZ was honored by the Academy, we don’t have that for hip hop! We should honor ourselves like all the other sports do! But we too busy tearing each other down, smh”
    1:32:09 Raided asks Adam if Vanilla Ice is better than Nipsey Hussle + “Ice Ice Baby is a slapper!”
    + Adam says: “Eminem paved the way! Because of him, G-Eazy can be G-Eazy without being questioned about his whiteness”


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