After it was announced earlier this year that Jack Harlow would be starring in the reboot of White Men Can’t Jump, fans applauded the Kentucky hitmaker for diversifying his portfolio. The original 1992 Ron Shelton basketball film starred Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, and there were talks of Quavo tackling the other lead role. However, it doesn’t look like the Migos rapper booked the gig. 

As Harlow prepares for his first Hollywood film, Harrelson joined Kevin Hart to chat with Kevin Polowy about their film, The Man from Toronto. During the conversation, Harrelson was excited to hear that Harlow would be taking over his role.

Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

“I feel great,” said Harrelson. “I think Jack’s probably gonna crush it. They’re gonna make a better movie than we made. I’m looking forward to watching it.”

It’s unclear if Harlow will reach out to Harrelson, or if that will happen in the future, but the rapper did previously admit that prior to booking the gig, he had never watched the film.

“Can I be honest? I was obviously familiar with it, it’s an iconic title and I’ve seen the movie poster, but I didn’t watch it until I got offered the role,” said Harlow. “I see why it’s a classic.”

Check out Harrelson and Hart below.