Metallica played their track ‘Metal Militia’ live for the first time in over half a decade this weekend – see footage below.

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The metal titans were playing the Pinkpop festival in the Netherlands on Friday night (June 17).

During the set, the band performed ‘Metal Militia’, taken from their classic 1983 album ‘Kill ‘Em All’, live for the first time since 2016, alongside hits spanning the band’s entire career.

Watch Metallica play ‘Metal Militia’ at Pinkpop below:

Recently, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett claimed that he believes the band warned people that streaming services “wouldn’t work” as a new form of business.

“We warned everyone that this was gonna happen,” Hammett told Classic Rock in a new interview. “We warned everyone that the music industry was gonna lose 80 perc ent of its net worth, power and influence. When these monumental shifts come you just either fucking rattle the cage and get nothing done or you move forward.

“There’s definitely a new way for getting music out there, but it isn’t as effective as the music industry pre-Napster,” Hammett added. “But we’re stuck with it. There needs to be some sort of midway point where the two come together, or another completely new model comes in.”

Earlier this year, it was announced that Metallica would release a series of remixed and re-edited live performance and documentary films of their 40th anniversary shows.

In partnership with The Coda Collection, seven new titles will be made available on the subscription streaming service for the first time, shedding new light on the metal monolith’s 40-year tenure and offering fans a chance to relive some of their most iconic performances.

Meanwhile, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has told NME that Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain “didn’t like what Guns N’ Roses stood for” in a new interview.

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