Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Wasii (ROYALRYCHESS) – Trap Boo (Official Music Video)

Coming from the depths of New York City, it’s a lot to offer to say the least. The range of sound comes with no boundaries and the creatives that’s creating the sound and image for it are following the same path. One of those who’s doing just that is Wasii, someone who’s coming up in the area and delivering his own flavor. As he continues to put his best foot forward, he links with Spike Tarantino to deliver an infectious banger, “Trap Boo”. Posted in the hood and going crazy, Wasii has something on his hands that fans are going to enjoy and it’s a must watch.


Shot by Spike Tarantino

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  1. Most don’t know sagging is *agging!! STUDY on the history & how the enemy USED to to tarnish our image & imagination…

  2. lmao When the mv is better than the song. Wtf did dude even say. This really felt like it was rushed. He needs to come back with something better or never 💯💯


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