Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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The Tay Zonday Interview

Youtube icon Tay Zonday, sat down with Adam for an in depth conversation that retraces his endeavors since the iconic “Chocolate Rain”. From the snowball effect of the viral moment, to quitting his teaching job, Tay explains what really happened behind the scenes.

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  1. 1:10 The odd way Adam and Tay met at the Andrew Yang rally + talk about upcoming potential presidential candidates
    5:20 The underlines of political aspect of Chocolate Rain + “I was reluctant to endorse it as a pro black song” + the snowball effect of the viral moment
    7:41 The beginning of Youtube and other social media platforms and which content was prominent + how the algorithm works
    11:14 What was it like before the fame, college, wanting to become a professor and get a PHD + losing the passion for teaching
    15:05 Finding a way to be impactful, singing in open mics until Youtube where he could just sing from his room + creating his stage name Tay Zonday + no more human curation on Youtube
    18:08 How Chocolate Rain blew up + Tom Green prank + the overwhelming part of unexpected fame
    21:37 Adam’s advice to “accidental” fame and how to be prepared for it and how to use that moment + wanted to be taken seriously + Not uploading “Chocolate Rain” to iTunes
    25:12 Meeting Al Gore at Google HQ + How Google keep track of our every moves online + Following through with a viral moment, wether it’s what you wanted to do or not and find a way to capitalize
    30:15 Adam giving way too many ideas about how these corporations could potentially track your every moves
    32:06 YouTube Black for all black creators is a good idea, but don’t really support the actual issues black creators go through
    34:25 The Logan Paul type of content is what scares Youtube + censorship through OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
    37:18 How to adapt to what’s popular on all platforms + Most popular personalities on Youtube are some of the youngest + gage advertising
    40:49 Brand deals on social media + The remarkable uneven share that content creators make through Youtube
    42:03 Still able to monetize off Chocolate Rain? + Now being on Cameo
    44:51 Being a voice actor and compete with Fiver + brands trying to be their own “brand ambassadors”
    48:38 Tay is now smoking weed!
    52:41 The actual meaning of Chocolate Rain: “I sing about what I cant talk about” + being slaved to Instagram

  2. “Hillary looks like she has her head on her shoulders”????? come on man. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all month, and that’s saying something.

  3. Ever since i was born i wanted to smack tay zondays glasses off and than apologize & take him out for hot cakes in my hometown


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