Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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The Stormy Daniels Interview

Stormy Daniels weighs in on Trump, Howard Stern and the ins and outs of the adult industry. She also shares about her pregnancy, crazy fan encounters, on set disasters, doing stand up comedy and more!

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  1. 0:14 – Stormy Daniels thinking No Jumper has a higher production quality than her podcast
    0:31 – Why Stormy Daniels doesn’t smoke weed
    2:04 – Refusing to go on the Howard Stern Show
    3:00 – Howard Stern queef contest not aging well
    3:17 – Howard Stern being able to get away with extremely edgy content on his show
    4:47 – Dealing with paparazzi
    5:20 – Stormy Daniels correcting protesters grammar
    7:28 – Where is Stormy Daniels in the Porn world right now
    8:13 – Dealing with a lot of legal issues having to do with the NDA
    10:10 – Stormy Daniels childhood
    10:57 – Checking all ID’s before anyone comes to party on the tour bus
    11:18 – Partying on the tour bus every night
    11:39 – Strippers either wanting to fuck or fight Stormy Daniels
    12:58 – Stormy Daniels putting Donald Trump on speaker during a porn shoot
    13:35 – Having a terrible sex experience with Trump
    14:00 – Worst sex experience
    15:46 – How often does Stormy Daniels run into micro penises
    17:04 – Being a relationship type person and porn effects on the relationship
    20:57 – Adam22’s experience at a porn convention
    21:53 – Meet and Greets robbing you of your soul
    23:30 – Random guy licking Stormy Daniels armpit and taking off running
    24:20 – Stormy Daniels thinking every guy has tasted their own cum before
    26:14 – Stormy Daniels finding out about Adam22’s porn scene
    26:50 – Stormy Daniels says cum is able to disintegrate contact lenses
    28:50 – Stormy Daniels never having a cavity and what her diet is right now
    30:02 – Stormy Daniels timing her pregnancy perfectly so it won’t interfere with her porn career
    31:25 – Working in the Glory Days of Porn and being the longest running contract star
    32:13 – Stormy Daniels advice for up and coming Porn Stars
    33:18 – Spiegler being Stormy Daniels favorite Agent
    34:39 – Business aspiration outside of acting
    36:53 – Stormy Daniels trying out stand up comedy
    39:54 – Would Stormy Daniels run for president
    40:35 – Stormy Daniels thoughts on the recent change to the Porn industry
    43:17 – Stormy Daniels starting an only fans account
    44:00 – Stormy Daniels Lena The Plug collab
    45:50 – Stormy Daniels fascination with darkness
    47:41 – Where does the horror fascination come from
    49:40 – Outro

  2. Why are you interviewing this lying thot, who was paid by the Government to take down the president for the Democrats🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. I feel like she’s just lying about anything and everything in an attempt to hold on to any shred of relevancy she can still get. She literally looks like she walked out of the trailer park and caught an uber to do this interview.


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