Saturday, January 28, 2023
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The Smoke DZA Interview

Smoke DZA made his way to the No Jumper Podcast to talk about his career as a whole, how he moves, being humble, Kanye for President, The Smokers Club, wrestling and more.



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  1. 1:04 Is it still dangerous to blaze in the streets of New York?
    3:35 Being of the founder and part owner of Smokers Club
    4:21 Rolling Loud is to the contrary steering away from anything weed related
    5:36 Smokers Club shows where you can’t smoke? + Adam being able to smoke in Williamsburg
    8:13 DZA smokes backwoods
    9:45 DZA now smokes in moderation
    10:19 Dabblin’ in dabbin “I can’t mess with the dab”
    12:00 What do you think of the rise of Griselda Records? “Westside is one of my best friend”
    13:15 Different wave of rappers who do great numbers and dabble in TV like Bronson, Dave East, and DZA with Smokers Club
    16:10 Adam reminisce about the first time he heard about Smoke DZA through Vice/Noisey + Business decision that DZA might have made along the way
    19:07 Does DZA has writers block?
    20:15 Adam talks about fomo vs being focus on work + Going out is always the same but once in a blue you might run into a bag
    22:14 It’s easy to get excited about events when it’s your first time
    22:39 “My first time on tour was with Currensy and Krit, I learned so much from them”
    24:50 Does DZA smoke fronto?
    27:28 DZA and Adam talk wrestling
    30:16 Labels signing anybody who has views, and monetize violence + What’s level of guilt a label has?
    35:54 DZA took his kids to their first rap show Big Krit and Rapsody
    37:46 If you’re young you shouldn’t even think about girls and drugs
    38:40 Adam and Smoke DZA have perfect credit now
    39:02 Adam and DZA reminisce about the first time they hung out in Harlem, with DukeDaGod and Hell Rell
    41:38 Listening to new music vs the classics
    43:37 Making a whole project with one producer is a total different vibe
    44:07 DZA working with Styles P, how do you reach out? “Styles is one of my mentor”
    45:44 Are you still wearing Polo?
    48:09 Is DZA concerned about being healthy and going to the gym? “Why coz I’m fat?”
    49:46 How old is too old to laugh at fart jokes?
    50:50 Tyler The Creator sense of humor
    52:18 Adam wouldn’t vote for Kanye, but would rather have Bun B, Scarface or Killer Mike as a president

  2. In the 90’s we all had that youth football coach that used to touch you and the others players private parts when you score a touchdown… and that is normal when you playing pee wee football … My coach used to touch me and all my teammates … they said it was making us more strong,tough, and turning us into men..and I agree with that… I wouldn’t be who I am today if I had not played pee wee football…I used to score a lot of touchdowns back then and some say I was the I was the star player and the coach really kept an eye on me and loved on me. 90’s was a whole different era and I miss it ..rns


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