Monday, May 29, 2023
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The Onyx Interview

Legendary rap group ONYX stopped by the No Jumper podcast before heading out on a world tour. Adam and Onyx highlighted some of their pivotal career moment: coming up with Jam Master Jay, still successful to this day, longevity, Fredro being on The Wire, Sticky being compared to 6ix9ine, Fredro’s podcast, the Kodak Black situation and so much more.



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  1. 1:05 The beginnings of Onyx under the wing of Jam Master Jay
    1:49 Onyx energy was contagious
    2:35 Onyx style being ahead of their time
    3:15 Onyx style being part of the censorship wave in the 90s
    3:53 Onyx’ sound was defined by their grimy environment
    4:35 Making “Slam Remix” with rock group Biohazard
    4:52 Onyx not too fond to make a record with Biohazard at first
    6:34 Onyx and Biohazard on the Judgement Night soundtrack + Fredro explains the drums difference between the two songs
    7:57 The imagery, style and marketing of Onyx
    8:20 Fredro tells the story of the first time they watch the “Throw Ya Gunz” video at Def Jam
    9:14 Being a kid from Queens and working with Jam Master Jay is a dream come true
    10:09 Fredro’s parents not being supportive at the beginning
    11:03 Fredro started rappin in Queens’ Baisley Park
    13:05 How to spread your music back in the days
    14:14 How to be put on in the 90s compared to now
    14:52 Sticky signed his contract with Def Jam at 17 “What’s the limit of stagutation”
    16:56 Onyx knew from jump that they had something special
    17:56 Onyx were present when KRS One thrown PM Dawn off stage
    18:38 The secret of aging well in hip hop
    18:58 “Being where we from, having longevity is a blessing worth fighting for”
    19:55 Onyx still love to rap and perform sold out tours in Europe “We want to do this forever”
    20:40 Is there a difference between European fans vs in the US?
    21:27 Onyx has a new album out, they still come from a angsty mindset
    21:52 Griselda
    22:27 “Big up Eminem for signing Griselda”
    22:35 Fredro talks about producing “Last Dayz” and the song being in 8 Mile movie
    24:01 Sticky says “stop pressin’ the new generation about knowing old music”
    25:03 Fredro explains the importance of his shirt and the first Onyx era
    25:50 “Sticky was not in the group a first because I moved to Queens first”
    26:28 Adam asks about the “Black V**** Finda” track + Talk about their experience with women
    28:56 Adam’s question gets ignored “Yo you play ball?”
    29:22 Fredro talks about his first time in LA and meeting Michael Rapaport
    30:42 Should Michael Rapaport be allowed to talk on the culture?
    32:58 6ix9ine sort of sounds like Sticky
    33:52 Fredro has a comedy idea about 6ix9ine coming to the hood
    35:31 Adam thinks the guns are gone in the hood, Onyx think otherwise
    36:26 Pop Smoke
    37:53 Kodak Black situation conversation gets intense
    38:53 Sticky gives his perspective to the situation
    39:42 Fredro suggests to move on to the next question and when to squash any situation
    40:42 Fredro has a podcast now
    41:04 Fredro gets antsy and tell Adam not to poke the bear for clickbait
    42:16 Fredro emphasizes about the fact that these little things don’t matter, because they’re blessed to be here
    43:10 Onyx working on a Slam documentary
    43:46 Fredro smokes Nick Diaz and Mike Tyson weed
    46:09 Onyx still acting, learning the game with the best actors
    48:43 Fredro being on The Wire was epic
    49:02 Fredro tells a story while shooting The Wire
    50:25 Coronavirus
    53:36 Sticky says go vegan “You guys are killing the planet”
    55:05 Would Onyx go on Hot Ones and eat the spicier wings?
    58:05 Fredro talks about meeting Eazy-E at the Run DMC’s videoshoot “He kinda ignored us”
    58:30 All Onyx updates: podcast, new tour, new music, etc.
    59:28 Fredro says he keeps up with Adam’s life “I thought it might get physical, but you cool!”

  2. When Fredro said “the tik tok” @ 16:00 he said it like it’s a name of a dance when in reality it’s the name of an app to dance on , the way his arms was moving he’s thinking it’s a dance out here called the “tik tok” hahaha


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