Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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The King Von Interview

King Von took the time to sit down with Adam! How he came up in the game, being a free man, inspirations, his relationship with Durk, and dating status with Asian Doll!

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  1. 0:16 Adam remembers stumbling upon Von’s music a little while back
    0:46 King Von explains how his beat came about
    1:47 Storytelling in drill music?
    2:27 Writing lyrics vs off the top “You have time to write in jail”
    2:55 Some people can’t write in jail “What else you finna do in this bitch!?”
    3:35 King Von is working out even when he travels
    4:10 King Von’s experience in jail while being famous
    5:16 King Von writing about messing with other guys girlfriends
    6:04 Being on house arrest after going on tour with Durk, Meek Mill,
    7:05 King Von can’t be around Durk because of his case + Being around Durk when he was doing his promo a year later he’s now the main focus
    8:43 When Chief Keef came out it was a huge shift for the city and Von was in jail at the time
    9:36 Chief Keef rise was the first time Adam witnessed an incredible buzz
    10:03 King Von wasn’t thinking about rapping then, he was just in the streets
    11:33 King Von started to take music seriously when he got out in 2017
    12:08 King Von needed to make a decision either stay in the streets or make music
    13:06 How King Von and Durk became close friends
    14:28 How Durk influenced and guided King Von and making music together
    16:30 Being on probation doesn’t stop King Von creativity
    17:56 Gaining attention from the case
    19:24 Keep doing the same content or evolving into something else?
    “I’m going to make any kind of music, any style!”
    20:10 Making hard music vs making softer music for the females
    20:32 King Von talks about how he started dating girlfriend Asian Doll
    22:50 King Von doesn’t watch Asian Doll fighting girls on social media
    23:45 King Von’s music video with Asian Doll “She would’ve been mad if I had picked another girl”
    24:35 Cultural differences or slang between the two?
    25:18 Lebron James’ inspiration
    25:38 Kobe’s passing
    26:50 Being a plus to come from certain area in Chicago?
    28:12 Any worry putting certain lyrics out there about 63rd?
    30:03 King Von mentioning FBG Duck in “Took Her To The O”
    30:42 FBG Duck responded with a comedy rap
    31:34 “It’s just music man, it’s only entertainment, a means to an end!”
    33:15 “Performing in Chicago is not the best, there’s too much going on! We get more love in Philly or New York”
    34:35 “Took Her To The O” is King Von’s favorite song of the project
    35:16 “Life ain’t shit without female, we do everything for them!”
    37:53 King Von shout outs his family, OTF and close friends

  2. Good interview. Watching the snippets that dropped early made it a bit repetitive though 😕. Adam needs his money though so I respect it.


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