Monday, February 6, 2023
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The Hoodrich Pablo Juan Interview

Hoodrich’s growth has been evident since his first No Jumper interview! The Gucci Mane signee talks candidly about his lifestyle, his issues with other rappers, his latest project, how he navigates through fame, getting deeper into the music industry and potentially signing artists.



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  1. 0:10 – Hoodrich Pablo Juan being a legendary blunt roller and Adams favorite person to smoke with
    0:48 – Rolling Backwoods tips
    2:01 – Fitting 80k into Amiri Jeans
    3:50 – Does Hoodrich Pablo Juan still feel connected to Atlanta
    4:25 – Why is the new tape called DMV
    5:34 – Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s beginning in the DMV area
    7:04 – Hoodrich Pablos Juans rapping style and his influence on other rappers
    10:03 – Is the title of the tape “DMV” a taunt to the area
    11:18 – Was Hoodrich Pablo Juan using more drugs during the days of the first No Jumper Interview
    12:05 – Falling back off drugs
    12:47 Needing to do drugs to feel creative in the studio
    14:15 – Adam22 and Hoodrich Pablo Juan talk about cereal
    15:33 – Hoodrich Pablo Juan gives Adam22 merch
    16:02 – Hoodrich Pablo Juan wants to be a jack of all trades
    18:48 – What is Hoodrich Pablo Juans relationship status
    20:05 – Hoodrich Pablo Juan on always being down and ready to go
    20:52 – Hoodrich Pablo Juan explains the robbery situation
    30:05 – Did Hoodrich Pablo Juan have previous issues with Young Nudy and 21 Savage
    31:14- Did 21 savage really have Hoodrich Pablo Juans jewelry
    32:43 – Do the fans wants Hoodrich Pablo Juan to speak on these situations
    35:18 – What is Hoodrich Pablo Juan currently focusing on
    36:39 – What is the state of 1017 right now
    38:36 – Hoodrich Pablo Juan getting deeper into the music industry and potentially signing artists
    42:00 – Needing two phones because of the battery life
    42:39 – New tape is going to have more than 8 producers

  2. Gucci got locked up and cloned at the wrong time smh. Image the REAL Gucci was here, these punk ass rappers won’t make noise! Pablo my guy though!


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