Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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The GWAR Interview

Sawborg Destructo (left) and The Beserker Blothar (right) from legendary group GWAR, came to pay a visit to Adam for a hilarious conversation and discuss the origin of the group, longevity in music, Pump, 6ix9nine, MC Serch and MC Hammer beef, and so much more!

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  1. 0:58 Does Gwar know anything about hip hop? + Gwar dont understand Pump
    1:43 Adam recalls his first time being introduced to Gwar
    3:04 Amazon providing support to ICE
    3:42 Jenkem
    5:36 Does Gwar have sex with human females?
    6:32 The early days of Gwar and being the most ridiculous thing their manager ever seen, so, perfect to be roc stars! + Introducing their new graphic novel
    9:54 GWAR transcending sounds and blending genres “GWAR is un-cool! We’ve been ‘the next big thing’ for 37 years!” + The grind is still the same, still touring, still promoting our music
    13:06 What if Gwar were to wear regular clothes?
    14:22 Gwar remembers meeting Joan Rivers
    16:15 Gwar give their take on Insane Clown Posse “From a cultural standpoint, their music is problematic”
    “I’ve always been suspicious about white dudes doing hip hop”
    18:18 Gwar talk about Trump, Obama, George Bush and Clinton
    22:41 Censorship in music and race: NWA, Eminem, Cannibal Corpse, Judas Priest and more + Punk Rock political view points + “using” political figures on stage
    29:53 The loss of Gwar leader Dave Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus + The human origin of GWAR
    32:56 GWAR being “a commitment to an outlandish amount of effort” + Oderus Urungus will always be part of GWAR universe
    37:47 Fighting fans on stage
    39:11 Adam thinks Beserker Blothar looks like Steve Harvey + recalls a story about this girl who didn’t want to sleep with him because of Steve Harvey’s book
    40:44 Was there ever beef with Dave Grohl? + Performing at Warp Tour and feeling old
    44:11 Describing the worst show they ever performed because the heat was overwhelming + Gotten sick and vomiting all over each other
    47:09 Adding a woman member to the group
    50:45 Posible issue with Oderus Urungus’ human father + Adam recounts how Thug Life + The Outlawz allegedly smoked 2Pac ashes + Blothar wants to hang out with MC Serch
    54:15 GWAR talk about 6ix9nine, Post Malone, Pump + GWAR shows love to ICE T
    56:31 Charlie Sheen + the most unexpected fans of GWAR like Hank WIlliams III
    58:27 GWAR and social media?
    59:57 What’s GWAR-BQ?
    1:00:38 Marketing ideas for GWAR + Resurgence of the group


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