Monday, February 6, 2023
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The Drink Champs Interview

Drink Champs bring the ruckus to the No Jumper podcast! Nore and EFN talk about absolutely everything, how they started their media imprint, how the name came about, Nore’s relationships with Jay, Nas, Joe Budden, Vince Staples, Dame Dash, Fat Joe, DMX, UGK and more. Plus, Nore gives his stance on Zane Low and Apple Music.



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  1. 0:38 Nore is not allowed to smoke in the studio, but smokes anyways
    1:25 Adam made a porno with Lena
    4:49 Doing multiples things at once + Adam wants to be a podcaster and a porn star
    5:36 Nore asks about the Boonk interview
    7:22 Vince Staples is one of Nore’s favorite person + Nore wants to have Vince’s podcast on Drink Champs Network
    12:16 Being strong in your own market
    14:55 Nore wants to know about Adam’s gunman
    16:09 Dame Dash new podcast with Adam + Nore trying to plug Dame to Revolt
    17:36 Drink Champs love interviews Adam did with Dame Dash
    18:20 Coke Champs or Molly Champs? + Nore shares about his love for Molly
    19:50 Nore recalls how easy it is to get drugs in Miami
    21:50 Drug talk + Adam’s wet penis coke story
    23:27 Is Drink Champs organized? + How Revolt operates towards censorship
    26:29 Nore talks about being horny for LeftCheeks & RightCheeks
    28:22 The liquor has arrived
    29:25 Nore taking Spanish classes + Adam reminds Nore that he put his career on hold for Reggaeton
    30:05 Drinks interlude
    30:47 Nore recounts the moment Fat Joe said “Fuck Reggaeton!” + EFN feeling the same way “I didnt believe in it”
    32:41 Nore doesn’t care for Kendamas
    33:14 DMX controversy + Def Jam new artistic direction is phenomenal + taking care of DMX the right way
    36:10 Nore fights for anyone who put 3 years in the game to have life insurance
    37:43 Nore shares a crazy lean story while on tour in Houston, with Aztek, Bun B and his nefew
    42:53 Pimp C + Bun B story
    46:04 Nore’s two favorite rap group UGK and MOP + Nore getting emotional talking about Pimp C
    47:26 Nore tells the story about smoking in The Poconos + more drug stories
    49:34 Cocaine advice from Adam + Gunplay is the realest
    51:28 Drink Champs being on No Jumper and Mike Tyson
    52:04 Adam getting props + Nore slams Zane Low and Beats1 on how they pay artists to get the biggest artists instead of doing Drink Champs or any hip hop outlet
    53:55 Nore points out the authenticity and validity of Zane Low + slams Kanye for ‘Jesus is King’ “Nobody gives a fuck about your Jesus music!”
    54:42 Nore: “If Kanye wouldv came to Drink Champs first, his album wouldv been hot!”
    56:26 How does Kanye gets away with all the things he says? + Christianity + Forgiveness
    58:00 Kanye’s Big Boy interview + Kanye almost doing Drink Champs only with Nore
    59:01 EFN and Nore sticking together no matter what + Nore declining Kanye interview alone
    59:48 Zane Low represents a broken system of bogarting artists for interviews
    1:00:20 Drink Champs wont compromise or pay for your demands to come on the show, because Nore is a legend who put in work for years + Jay-Z watches every Drink Champs episode
    1:01:25 The future of hip hop podcast might evolve like the music industry and owned by older white people? + not competing with anyone else but ourselves
    1:02:56 Youtube rights separated from TV rights + why Drink Champs blew up
    1:04:11 Nore stopped smoking cigarettes
    1:05:48 Drink Champs has no beef with anybody! + Not beefing online but will fuck you up in person + Justifies his big entourage
    1:09:35 Transitioning from rapper to being a podcast host + watching other personalities doing the same
    1:11:10 Nore talks about how EFN is a hip hop purist + never thought about doing the podcast without him
    1:12:45 Nore was reluctant to do the podcast + moving to Miami to not pay state taxes + Adam compares them to Lil Pump
    1:14:12 How Drink Champs actually started + Skam2 doing their logo + CBS not believing in them
    1:19:08 Adam talks about his Gwar interview + Nore says he only knows hip hop
    1:20:57 Adam calls Nore a goofball + big up Diddy, and the Revolt team
    1:23:38 “Big up Apple but we don’t know who the fuck Tim Cook is!”
    1:24:24 Tidal giving the royalty rates/best checks to artists + getting a 3 platform deal for Drink Champs
    1:25:15 Keeping your identity while being corporate
    1:26:15 Sauce Money is not banned from Drink Champs
    1:30:50 Nore talks about talking to Jay-z, Nas and Puff on the phone and not giving a fuck about the content
    1:33:00 Drink Champs talk conflict of having guests the other one doesn’t like
    1:35:55 Sharing the hip hop podcast landscape + celebrating other podcasts + Vlad being a Russian spy + Vlad should give back to hip hop more
    1:44:06 Nore reiterates about Zane Low representing a system that is not hip hop
    1:46:29 Nore spaz on Tyler The Creator + tells what happened when Tyler dissed him
    1:49:26 Loss of respect + separating the friendship when you interview your rapper friends “My relationships are more important than asking controversial questions”

  2. thats funny the culture vulture tripped on nore saying midget but the culture vulture called them midgets 3 times on the show

  3. This is a great podcast yo. Especially with nore. Don’t really know if it’s because a rapper n rock. NORE gotta be like this all the time.

  4. Come on adam.. they are your guest how you let them buy the alcohol 😂 you should of gave the runner your card to pay for that shit


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