Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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The Bandman Kevo Interview

Band Man Kevo came through for a wonderful conversation to give any and every details about all his prior activities, investments, music career and possible upcoming tour!

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  1. 0:49 “I really don’t like Akademiks”
    3:40 Scamming and snitching
    4:07 Doing time and getting caught with a laptop
    5:23 6ix9ine “They don’t like snitches in jail”
    6:17 Race ratio of prison guards “Hispanic guards are the most racists”
    7:42 Spending money in jail to have a more “comfortable” sentence
    8:55 Type of sentences
    10:46 Different type of scammers
    11:47 First scam with banks
    14:20 Making connections inside the targeted business
    15:26 Being a vendor on the dark web
    16:44 Building a team + snitched on by a “friend”
    19:56 Credit score fixed
    20:54 Investments + paying taxes while scamming
    21:52 Started rapping in 2013 + Rick Ross raps about scammers
    24:20 ATM scamming
    25:15 Teejayx6 + “entry level” scamming
    27:00 Scamming by association
    28:47 “F***** n a rich a**, skeemin a**””
    29:27 Getting caught + how the system scams
    32:29 College is a scam too!
    33:39 The scammer profile
    36:30 Goals?
    37:23 Kevo vs Teejayx6
    38:16 Relationship with Moneyman
    39:01 Getting p*** in jail!
    44:35 “6ix9ine is not coming home!”
    48:45 Staying focus on music + artists getting deals
    54:26 Inmates on dating apps!


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