Monday, December 5, 2022
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The 30 Deep Grimeyy & NWM Cee Murda Interview

St Louis rising sensations 30 Deep Grimeyy and NWM Cee Murdaa, stopped by the No Jumper podcast to share their come up with Adam!They break down their upbringing, music influences, their tough reality, their take on the rap game and their friendship goes beyond the music.



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  1. 0:37 Who’s the best rapper out of St Louis?
    1:10 Been grinding for about 2 years
    1:43 30 Deep’s first bid at 17 years old in the worst jail with minimum security
    4:21 Any scary white dudes in St Louis? + Kodak not going in protected custody
    6:16 “Jail made me an animal” – 30 Deep
    8:06 When did you go from being regular kids to being fascinated by the streets
    9:00 Bluechew Ad
    11:29 Being affiliated since a young age
    12:50 “I don’t look up to no Nipsey” – NWM
    14:07 My friend saved my Dad’s life – 30 Deep
    15:11 My Dad has been locked up for 11 years – NWM
    16:36 “I was in a car chase with my Dad” – NWM + Looking up to our Dads
    18:07 Passion for music “My Mom used to listen to so much rap!” – NWM
    20:58 Same energy of G-Unit
    21:15 “Wayne is my favorite rapper” – 30 Deep
    22:49 When did you start making music videos? + Moving from St Louis to Miami, the sound is better
    24:09 There’s no real music scene in St Louis
    25:08 Details different time being locked up + Changing his perspective
    28:05 Talk about single “Rockstar” + Listening to different music
    28:40 Rappers being defined by their biggest song
    29:34 Fanbase being young white kids thirsty for street rap + Having a different side besides talking about guns + Having mixed people in their family
    30:35 Want to learn different languages to talk to girls – NWM
    32:33 Rappers going to jail oversees + Getting sued for fighting if you’re famous
    35:06 Famous people antagonizing and encourage to get after someone
    35:39 Clowning Roscoe Dash being a Uber driver
    36:08 Getting tattoos at 13 years old
    38:22 Dissing for clout + Referenced 50 Cent “How To Rob”
    43:40 “Cometazine a real one! He flew me out to LS!”
    45:35 Police is wilding where we’re from + Having a weapon
    49:41 Really want to be successful and serious about their music! + All labels are calling them!
    50:28 Up and coming rappers with sticks online being glorified for the wrong reasons
    51:29 Being real close friends regardless of rap
    52:55 NWM got shot 5 times + Got dropped to the hospital + Woke up handcuffed to the bed
    54:53 Cops acting reckless and force you to snitch
    57:37 New music drops Dec 13
    59:36 Being compared to XXX?


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