Sunday, January 29, 2023
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T.I. Faces Major Backlash For Policing Daughter’s Hymen

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  1. Yes thot ass tripping! Who stuck help the minor raising a child if she get pregnant young. How you go say it’s her body and she do what she wanna do when she a teenager. Her mind not even fully developed to make good decisions when it comes to sex and relationships. If he on the road a lot and she might have a lot of freedom, he might wanna make sure she not sneaking and having sex, and you should have the same sex conversation with young men to make sure they not making young mistakes.

  2. This topic has gotten me so hot. So it’s OK for his sons to be sleeping around but if his daughter has lost her virginity then the world has ended? This man is an idiot and this is a serious invasion of her privacy. How anyone can justify this behaviour is beyond me! This is disgusting and an inappropriate abuse of power as a a father. CTG and Envy, you are both trash. Get off this guy’s dick, he is a weirdo.

  3. Funny thing is when we were young boys we tried to go into and we went into somebody’s daughter but we feel hurt if that it is reciprocated. But then again I don’t really think T.I is doing that in 2000 and plus.

  4. Gotta realize when you have a daughter it’s her body her rules.. just have to guide them and lead them with understanding rather than reaction all you doing is losing her regardless


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