Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Slim Tells Us What It Was Like Beating Up Fousey

Slim and Adam have a lot to say about Fousey! They want to know what were Adam22’s thoughts during the viral appearance of the Shane Dawson interview, how Fousey is a whole different person now and Slim not getting enough credit for beating him up! Also, Slims tells us who he will be finghting next! 

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  1. Slim : I only trained for two months but grew up street fight

    Also Slim : I won one fight with someone no defense and thinks he can beat up every pro boxer

  2. Slim hit em with 50 illegal punches I just went and watched after hearing him explain and he was hitting with with the Logan Paul special

  3. Props to Slim for being the underdog winning and all but nigga puh-leeze…we all saw how Fousey SUCKED dog ass in there. Don’t be thumping your chest out like it’s a damn achievement or sumthin’.

  4. • Slim is lame as fuck. When he said “imagine if I had more time worth of training? I would be a whole other MONSTER” like, is he serious? This man seriously thinks he’s that good after beating Fousey? asking for credit he thinks he deserves when the only reason he won was because Fousey refused to fight like a boxer. Fousey failed to put his damn hands up to protect himself for starters. You can’t get credit for beating someone who boxed the way Fousey did? ANYONE could of done what Slim did. IF Fousey did what he was taught & boxed how he was supposed to and Slim still ended up wining, maybe, just MAYBE he would of deserved that credit. However, that’s not what happened. He literally beat a punching bag and that’s nothing to be proud of.


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