Monday, February 6, 2023
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Royce da 5’9″ Speaks on Yelawolf Beef, New Album “The Allegory”, Quitting Drinking & Cheating & More

Royce blessed us with his presence to celebrate the release of his new album The Allegory, where he talks about being a big fan of No Jumper! He then shares about his relationship with his dad, his kids, how he moves in the industry, being respectable and respected, racism, his friendship with Eminem, Trick Trick and more!



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  1. 0:10 “It’s an honor to be here”
    0:48 “You’re much taller in person”
    1:18 Being perceived as mad all the time? “I had a different demeanor back then”
    2:25 Praising and understand Trick Trick
    3:36 Praising Trae The Truth
    4:45 Royce not following the “punk-fake” trends “I tried to engage BS in the past and it’s just not my thing”
    6:32 Royce being more vulnerable after getting sober “Every artist has that project that defines themselves” + parallel with Joe Budden
    7:58 Royce breaks down the mindset working on making “Allegory”
    8:23 “I’m a grown man in Hip Hop” + Adam’s comparison with Pump and Griselda
    9:06 Royce and Adam examine the uncompromising success of Griselda
    10:41 Being different is a special thing to embrace
    11:08 How do you present familiar narrative in a way that feels new?
    12:34 Royce talks about being inspired by his Dad
    12:52 Being greatly inspired by his Dad + Writing about your truth can affect other people
    14:25 Bringing your Dad to therapy? “I should actually bring my wife, she’s been trough everything with me!”
    15:45 Living a better life and getting caught out there with “thots” “At some point you have to decide what type of man you want to be”
    17:26 Being accountable social media exposing cheaters
    18:31 Having loyalty to your wife
    19:36 Royce being proud to turn down a good looking girl
    20:13 “I took my first drink @ 21 years old because I didn’t want to say no”
    20:47 Going back to the root of that first drink when you’re an alcoholic + “You don’t need to drink to party”
    21:55 “My father warned me about drinking… but I didn’t listen”
    23:16 | 23:39 The concept of The Allegory “If you listen to him from top to bottom, it’s like watching a movie”
    25:27 Talking about the song “Dope Man”
    26:23 The concept and the essence of The Allegory, it’s all about perspective
    27:10 Drugs in communities goes deeper than just the dope man being present
    28:10 The label responsibility?
    29:37 Our responsibility is to make sure we can educate the next generation
    30:05 “Why focus on the negatives”
    30:50 Taking Jay-Z as an example “From dealing to being a billionaire”
    32:35 “We are the culture now, we should have therapists at labels, self insurance etc, we should make that the new standards!”
    34:10 “It wasn’t meant for me to do bad things” + Being intuitive in your 20s
    35:15 “My son is so much smarter than I am, I’m so lucky!”
    35:56 “My girls are way more intuitive”
    37:00 Royce and Eminem conversation about race “It stems from an amazing conversation”
    38:35 Is that a reaction from ppl trying to paint him as a racist recently? “My album was turned in before anything that happened recently
    39:06 “You can’t call Em a racist, NOT TO ME!”
    39:42 Royce explains how racists encounters could potentially scar someone to react in a negative way to a different race when you don’t know better or don’t travel
    41:13 Making the parallel with Eminem’s relationship and how much of class act he is, knowing that “He grew up in an environment where he was jumped everyday!”
    43:06 Royce gives more context to the Yelawolf situation “It’s a private matter where I felt disrespected, I gave him a window to address it and explain it and he didn’t…”
    46:57 “Hip Hop embraces everyone but just be respectful!!”
    47:47 Racism has skyrocketed since T*** is in office
    50:33 Trick Trick joining in on the Yelawolf situation
    51:13 How Royce and Trick Trick talk about Hip Hop
    51:51 How to dominate the storm of public attention and how to be perceived
    52:11 Royce wants to be respected “You don’t have to salute me or give me props or respect me, just DON’T disrespect me!”
    52:52 The line of respect/disrespect + Helping the new generation
    54:06 The new Detroit scene
    55:06 Royce talks and praises Boldy James “When he comes to my studio, we hardly get work done, he talks and I just listen”
    57:18 Royce showing love to Kash Doll “I think she’s fire and I want to support her also because she’s from Detroit, she represents us well!”
    58:50 Royce and Adam talk about Gucci Mane vs Gucci the brand
    59:41 “I don’t support the brand anymore”
    1:01:08 Royce talks about his song with Vince Staples and G Perico
    1:02:39 Adam asks about Royce skits he uses about a Dad teaching his kids “Thanks to Derrick Grace for inspiring me to find teachable moments to my kids”
    1:05:33 Royce and the rhinestone durag and hip hop fashion trends

  2. I really understand, Royce! Also, that man has me intrigued. Saying ‘Allegory’ is like Taratino’s first film. Masterclass. Props to, Adam, too. Interviews are not easy. Especially, first time.

  3. I’ve been waiting on a long format Royce interview the past year and right after i said that on Instagram he posted the picture of him on this podcast like he read my mind. The mental growth as a person and in his music since getting sober might be the most telling when it comes to the effects alcohol and drugs has on our creativity because he has always been a top tier lyricist but since the PRhyme projects to Layers then the Book of Ryan and now The Allegory his level of creativity has grown off the charts as well as including actually making his own beats now after 20+ years in the game. My personal favorite artist category by category he’s at the top of it all. Congratulations and thank you for this conversation 🙏🏼


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