There have been a lot of terrible losses in the hip hop scene in the past couple of years. 2019 saw the Nipsey Hussle getting shoot and killed and Juice WRLD fatally overdosing. This year, Lil Keed died of an apparent kidney failure.

Roddy Ricch paid his respects to these artists and more while performing “Die Young” at Pharrell’s “Something In The Water” Festival. As he performed, pictures of the fallen artists appeared behind him.

Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images

The song’s chorus was fitting for the tribute. “Tell me, why the legends always gotta die quick?” Ricch sings. The rapper had connections to most of the faces that were shown behind him. He had collaborated with Nipsey Hussel on the Grammy-winning “Racks In The Middle.” He was also involved with Lil Keed’s YSL Records, and has since come to the defense of Gunna, who is currently in jail for YSL’s RICO violations. Roddy’s had his own run-ins with the law. Before he was set to perform at Governor’s Ball, he was arrested on multiple weapons charges. In “Die Young,” Ricch addresses his relationship with guns, claiming it’s to avoid an early death. “Gotta keep it on me, I don’t wanna die young,” he raps.

The rest of 2022 looks like it’s going to be busy for Ricch. Post Malone announced that Ricch would be joining him on his massive “Twelve Carat” tour. Recently, Ricch took to Instagram to tease a new project that’s in the works, what looks like a new EP called The Big 3.

Check out Ricch’s heartfelt performance for his late peers below.