Monday, February 6, 2023
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Rev. Al Sharpton On Putting Pressure On Government, Testing The Homeless, Healing + More

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  1. So does this mean he gone actually try to work with the President to get some things done for us instead of just trash talking??

  2. Rev is so right, I’ve been suffering with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain for decades . I’ve seen so many Doctors and some days, I kid you not, I feel like I’m dying with all this pain. Either these Doctors don’t know about chronic pain, don’t care or they are stupid as hell. I need so much help and can’t get the service that I deserve. I’m a 61 year old male, worked all my life (2 jobs), had my own business, wife works for the Government and what we get, nothing, because we’re black and also proud…..TFS!

  3. They are really pushing this brainwashing that ppl are being affected the most. The French scientists exposed themselves in that viral video stating how they need to go into mother Africa and use those ppl to test this vaccine. If anything you need to go to China and Italy and experiment on those ppl being those countries have record numbers of infected non-myelinated cases. I’m tired of the propaganda to pimp out the African race. They are trying to instill fear within our community. Al you and Van Lathan can get lost with this regurgitate talking points from these white elites. We ain’t for this new world order nonsense the media is pushing.

  4. Reverend Al Sharpton the biggest con artist race baiting piece of shit of a human being that motherfucker is going straight to hell he dies that rat bastard

  5. Here we go… now their gonna start attacking the homeless (which by the way are mostly black) this is gonna end badly. This is gonna start a race war by trying to make blacks the face of a virus from China.

  6. So, suddenly this “global” pandemic is now concentrated and lethal in the Black & Brown population??? Lmao. I am shocked at how slow and/or retarded they think we are as a people. They set this up from day 1. Had Waka Flaka say black people can’t get it, Idris elba said black people can get it, and now the world is saying we all got it. Lmao. Propaganda and fear mongering. I am learning to read between the lines and listen for keywords used in these contents from media outlets. And it breaks my heart to say this but, The Breakfast Club may very well be aligned with an agenda. Something is eery and off about the responses/coverage of this “corona virus.”


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