Friday, June 9, 2023
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Orlando Officer Under Investigation After Arresting 6-Year-Old Girl Who Threw a Tantrum

Today’s Donkey of the Day goes to an officer from Orlando, Florida who is currently under investigation. The man arrested a 6-year-old girl who threw a temper tantrum.

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  1. This world has become so programmed with the lack thereof. I am ineffably perplexed to even know that this is actually Real news. Praying that our world becomes whole again.

  2. My son at 9 years old almost got Expelled from school. This was over 20 years ago though. He was accused by 2 white girls of touching them on the playground in an inappropriate way. I was informed of the investigation on Friday. By Monday, it was an interrogation. My son had his patrol belt garnished from him, if anyone was ever a safety patrol. This was a big deal for kids with exceptional grades, attendance, etc. I was told by the White Principal, and Jewish Guidance Counsel (both women) that he’d done exactly what the young girls’ had allegedly accused him of. He wrote a full 3 paragraphs, after being instructed and told what to say and right so it wouldn’t look like a grown up orchestrated it. After he finished writing what they’d told him to say. I was advised to come and remove my son from the school. The girls parents weren’t gonna press charges. But my some wouldn’t be eligible to go to the 5th grade. He was gonna have to repeat the 4th grade again. I knew of my RIGHTS !! As not only a single mother but a Single Black Mother of Bahamian descent. I demanded the Area Superintendent be called, I contacted, the Mayor, Commissioner, Local News networks etc. Long story short. Both the Principal, and Guidance counselor were removed from the school that same day. As people, and parents in this very corrupt system We have to help each other to understand. We can change these phucked up scenarios. We must VOTE to know who’s sitting in our local seats as Judges, Mayors, Commissioners, etc. This is how the retarded people that are suppose to protect and serve us are becoming more and involved with how the school’s are ran. Or how people in higher position’s abuse there authority because they can. It’s only gonna continue to get worse for our children’s, children’s. If we don’t start shutting Malarkey like this down.
    Peace, 💘, and Blessings to the family that is going through ANYTHING remotely similar.

  3. But where is the mother though? Why is she living with the grandma? Maybe her mothers absence makes her have the sleeping disorder. So indirectly it is the absent mothers fault. 🤷🏾‍♂️


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