Noel Gallagher has shared his thoughts about the recent reunions of his former Britpop peers Blur and Pulp – as well as the lack of offers made for Oasis to do the same.

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Former rivals Blur recently kicked off their comeback tour, as well as announcing their surprise new album ‘The Ballad Of Darren‘, with Pulp also returning to the road their first shows together in a decade.

Asked about how he feels about being on the road at the same time as his ’90s peers in support of his acclaimed new solo album ‘Council Skies‘, Gallagher wished them well when speaking to NME as part of the latest in our In Conversation series.

JARV IS (Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker) played a set laden with new songs and just one Pulp tune. CREDIT: Parri Thomas

“I didn’t know that, but good luck to them!” he said. “Blur never split up, did they? Pulp never split up, they just went and did other things, which is the adult way of doing it. Sadly my fucking band were very far from adult about it. It was a bit more crash and burn.”

Asked if Oasis had ever been made any offers for a Britpop reunion package tour with other bands – perhaps a cruise – Gallagher said that “inevitably, it will happen”, but that “there’s never really been a serious offer about ‘The Big O’ getting back together, but there you go.”

Last month, Gallagher joked that his younger self wouldn’t be too happy about his collaboration former rival and Blur frontman Damon Albarn. The team-up in question was when Gallagher contributed backing vocals to Gorillaz‘s track ‘We Got The Power’, which appears on the band’s 2017 album ‘Humanz’. “What would my younger self think of me working with Damon Albarn,” he pondered.

“It would depend entirely on what side of the bed I got out of on that day,” he added. “If you caught me on a good day I’d be like, yeah, I could see that happening… On a bad day, I’d fucking knife myself in the bollocks.”

Headlines continue to surround the return of Oasis, who split acrimoniously in 2009. This week, Noel “fucking dared” Liam to call him to just discuss getting back together – before the latter replied that he was “concerned about him”.

This also comes after The 1975 frontman Matty Healy responded to Noel calling him a “slack-jawed fuckit“.

The new interview with NME also saw Gallagher discuss the making of his new album, the flaws on every record he has ever made both with Oasis and as a solo artist, the AI-generated Oasis album, working with Johnny Marr and The Cure’s Robert Smith, Brexit Britain and his thoughts on modern rock and The 1975.

Gallagher’s ‘Council Skies’ is currently just a few hundred copies behind Foo Fighters’ ‘But Here We Are‘ in this week’s race for the UK Number One Album. If he reaches the peak position, the victory will extend his unbroken string of chart-topping albums, which includes both his work with Oasis and High Flying Birds.

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